20th Jul 2004, 13:45

I knock on wood not to jinx myself here. I have a 2002 Kia Spectra purchased June 2002 and have no major issues with it. I have a slight problem with cold weather conditions and the driver side power window opening, but this is just on and off situations. A gentleman informed me that his KIA Optima had to have all tires and brake pads replaced. The cost would have been around $1000 US, but factory finally authorized. Supposedly Break pad dust? got into the rims and caused deteriation. The car had only 28,000 miles on it. Something I'll be watching for.

28th Dec 2005, 21:02

I wish I had never bought a KIA. What a rip-off. Thank goodness for the warranty or I'd be back living with my mom. The engine light comes on approximately once a month, and each time it's a different problem (never the gas-cap like they say). The transmission had to be fixed for "jerking" in reverse. TWO DAYS later, the problem started again! My service center knows me by name, and I'm very lucky that I live in a city that has great public transportation or I would hardly be able to work. Just last week, my car overheated at the spur of the moment (I was going through a tunnel and just as I got out, I stalled!) Purchase Roadside Asssitance everyone - you'll NEED IT! (They were actually very nice and quick). However, my car is still at the shop and NO ONE has contacted me, and I can't get through to them. I have no idea what's wrong with the car or when I'll get it back, or if I'll have to pay anything. People, please do not get a KIA, pretty please, for me? It's not worth the worry. I cannot wait until this "thing" is paid off and I can get another car. Ugh, who thought of making these things in the first place??