1994 Kia Sportage FX 2.0 Gasoline from Bolivia


Comfortable, Reliable, very few things go wrong


I bought my KIA back in '99. I had no major trouble except with regular suspension and occasional tune up problems. Then one day 3 months ago, I got hit by a truck, the fan blade exploded and pierced the radiator along with the head lights and minor body damage. I had the radiator repaired cause I didn't want the whole thing replaced, it worked fine, however working at 70% performance and the fan blade missing one blade. One day the engine heat up and this caused the cylinder head gasket to go wrong and let water enter the engine. The mechanic said that the engined wasn't getting cooled enough, and the one blade missing caused vibration to the water pump and else. After 3 months of waiting for the parts (it's not easy to locate them here in Bolivia) I got it all fixed, it was a bit more expensive than I thought, but I still trust this sturdy car.

General Comments:

I'm planning to keep it for another 30000 miles and then sell it. I'd go for the same car and newer model if I get the money together.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2004