1997 Kia Sportage 4WD 4 cylinder from North America


Not worth all the money put into it for repairs!!!


I bought my car used from an individual who told me all that was wrong with it was the visor on the driver's side. We test drove it, and it ran well; some idling, but it was because the spark plugs needed to be changed.

I am paying payments on my car for ten months, and my car has been in the shop or worked on every three days since I started driving it.

The first time was for changing the spark plugs and wires.

Three days later, I had to replace all new tires, and pay to get them put on and mounted.

Three days later, my brakes quit and we were stranded two hours from home, and we had to wait for a trailer until 2 in the morning.

Then my bearing on the right side went out two days before I left for college.

When I got that fixed, the belt for my air conditioner blew off, and now the air conditioner isn't working.

When I bought the car, I noticed that both of my seats in the back didn't go down like they were supposed to.

My car didn't come with the jack for a flat tire.

My miles per hour is about 5 miles off.

After all the work on that car, it still makes noises.

The individual I bought it from said it was reliable, and so far I wouldn't call it reliable.

After I got the spark plugs changed, we thought the alternator was out, but it was a fried wire that we had to replace, and we didn't know how it got so fried in the first place.

My car has not been reliable to me, so I would suggest looking into a more reliable car. My car has cost me so much money in just little things; I wouldn't suggest this type of car, I would find something way better than this car. Especially if you are looking for a reliable car for college.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2010

1997 Kia Sportage Maybe 2.4 from North America


Save your money and time, and buy a Chevy


The seat belts come undone when I am driving.

I have had to replace the starter. The starter is facing a weird angle, so I had to cut a hole in the floor so I could change the starter.

I had to replace both rear coil springs after one of them tipped over and broke my brake lines while I was driving.

I had to replace the entire brake line.

I had to replace the steering box.

I had to replace the master cylinder.

I had to replace the catalytic converter.

I had to replace the muffler twice within a year and a half of owning the car.

The wiring is screwed up and comes unhooked from the starter.

The seats are very uncomfortable for long drives.

I have to take the battery out to change the oil filter.

I am a poor college student who can't afford to keep fixing my car. I owned a Toyota Celica before I was forced to buy my Sportage. My Celica overall was a way better car than my Kia. The only reason I got rid of my Celica was because I smashed it into a ditch while trying to avoid a deer. So it was totaled.

I needed a car for school, and the Kia was for sale and in my price range. So I purchased it for 2400 and probably have spent at least 4000 in repairs in the last year and half since I bought the car.

I recently had new muffler put on, and the day after, it started making a new random noise. Save your money and time, and don't buy a Kia.

General Comments:

Though this car has been nothing but trouble, there are some good things about it. Four wheel drive in the winter through deep snow is a plus.

When there isn't anything wrong with the car (but there usually is) it drives nice.

I was T-boned, and the car that hit me barely left a mark on my car, which was amazing.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2008