2014 Kia Sportage LX 2.0 Nu from Philippines


Never buying a Kia again...


The Kia Sportage was fine for a while when I got it. I purchased it from the local dealership in the Philippines. It was fine for 3 months, but then factory defects showed up, first on the horn, then on the foglights; it has moisture when it rains hard. Took it to a Kia dealership, but they would not replace the foglights, as the moisture is gone, since it only rains at night time, so when I took it in the morning, the moisture evaporates. I was told by the warranty person, that since it does not have the moisture during the checkup, it would not be replaced. He even mentioned that since it is a 5 year warranty, let us wait for it to break, then we'll replace the foglights.

General Comments:

Kia has a nice car line up, unlike in the 90s, but they need to have their after sales adjusted as well...

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Review Date: 15th October, 2015

6th Mar 2024, 21:59

Quite a few problems with the 2.0 MPI gasoline (non turbo and non GDI). Piston slap design issue, same with the smaller 1.8.