1st Jun 2003, 21:08

I have had my Kia for only 2 months, I have had no problems with it. I love the way it drives and its not that bad on gas. so I don't know what all the griping is about. If it's that bad of a car all of you people complaining about it should get together and form a support group.

22nd Jun 2003, 16:25

I have a 2000 Kia Sportage Convertible which I leased. I have never had as many problems with my previous cars as I have with this Kia.

* The car broke down when I was 150 miles away from home three weeks after I brought the car home. Kia's Roadside Assistance did absolutely nothing to help.

* There is a hole in the roof that was there when I brought the car and Kia will not replace the roof.

* The car had been in the shop for the alarm at least three times (Kia had to replace the whole back door just to get it to work)

* The brakes have been replaced twice (the car is only 3 years old!)

* There is now a god-awful smell coming from the engine.

I have taken it in for repair twice because of this smell and Kia says that there is nothing wrong with the car. They said that they called the Kia corporate offices and were told that corporate was aware of the smell and are "investigating" it.

* Now, (and I'm sure it is not the last thing that will go wrong with this car), the malfunction light keeps coming on meaning there is some kind of emission problem (probably has something to do with the smell. I will refuse to put any more money into this car.

I do not drive the car anymore because I do not feel safe at all driving it. I am just biding my time waiting for my lease to run out so I can give the car back. I cringe every time I have to write the car payment check. I am paying for a car that it falling apart around me. I am thinking about turning it in early so I don't have to deal with it anymore. I just want to get rid of the car!

I would never recommend buying a Kia to anyone. They are time bombs on wheels! I have put so much money into this car it's pathetic! There is only a little more than 30,000 miles on this car and, with how many times I've had to get it repaired, you would think the car was 20 years old!

22nd Jun 2003, 20:17

Why are you even paying for it???

Get a lawyer and SUE!!! Or start a lawsuit!

13th Jul 2003, 09:10

I have the same problem with it drinking gas. A transfer truck gets better gas mileage. The accessory items such as power windows and cup holders are broken and haven't been fixed. Not really good for a vehicle that is less than a year old, but my big problem is its safety. The Sportage has done a 360 twice in the middle of the highway at low speeds. Once when it was raining and once when it wasn't. I'm scared to death of being in it. Someone is gonna die in one of these vehicles.

25th Aug 2003, 21:14

I have a 2000 Sportage that I bought brand new. At 18000 miles all 4 plugs misfired. At 22000 my left rear window stopped working. At 53000 miles (last month, 7-6-03) my rear-end differential locked up. And at 53223 miles (last Friday, 8-22-03) it broke down again. They said it was the plugs & wires again, but after they were replaced (and so were the coils) it is still doing the same thing. They have no idea what is wrong. I really am disappointed with this vehicle. I will never buy another Kia.

24th Jan 2004, 19:38

I have a 2001 Kia Sportage. It has been in the shop 14 times in the last four months. They cannot figure out what is wrong with it. The engine revs to 4400 rpm when the car is stopped. The car shakes like it's going to cut off when it's idle. Kia will not do anything about it. It is still under warranty, but they just can't figure out what's wrong. Stay away from Kia's. They are a waste of money!

29th Sep 2004, 13:03

I just got a 2001 sportage for my birthday and it has a new motor in it... it has 83000 miles on it, and it still works great, so I don't know what all of the problems are.

4th Oct 2009, 20:41

I love my 2000 Kia Sportage. It gets right at 30 MPG on the highway and I've never had any problems. It's the 2 wheel drive model. Everything works, it's fun to drive and I love driving it with the convertible top down. It's a great car. I don't believe all the problems everyone else here has mentioned. LUV IT!

8th Feb 2010, 13:58

I brought a Kia Sedona 2005 in November 6, 2009. It had 95 thousand miles. I am having problems with the car accelerating on its own like I am not driving it. Several times I have pushed down on the brake and the car did not stop. I had to put it in park at the same as putting the blinkers on. I was in an accident, but no one was hurt this time.

I was wondering who would I get in touch with to have it looked at? A company that was fixing the pulley kept my car an extra day to check out the brakes. He said it was fine, he did not have a problem.

I noticed there was a problem with a chip in 2003 and the programing. I was thinking maybe it needs a new chip and programed since there are so many miles on the car.