18th Mar 2006, 19:16

This car we just got and I'm in love with it. The car has plenty of room for our family. It is perfect for a family of four or three or two or even five, if you're one of those numbers this car is perfect for you!!!

26th Mar 2006, 23:24

I just purchased one of these yesterday. The estimated miles per gallon states that this model should get 19 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Are you certain you are getting under 17 mpg? I have been so impressed by everything else on this thing, that I have not really paid attention to the fuel consumption. This would be a bit of sad news, as it was a huge selling point for me.

13th May 2006, 06:22

I have an 06 Sportage and I get better than 20 MPG on the highway... I think you are paying too much attention to the estimated MPG it gives you on the dash. In my opinion it doesn't work very well. I love this vehicle. My only complaint is the plastic in the interior scratches too easily.

13th May 2006, 21:50

When working with Kia, I observed that the gas mileage of most of our cars were much worse than the sticker suggested. Our Amanti averaged 14 MPG, our Spectra obtained 23, and our Sorento's would get around 12. I haven't tested the Sportage, but I assume it's like the Tucson's mileage which is around 19. No surprise.

6th Jun 2006, 21:06

All cars for the most part do not get the same mileage as the sticker. All the cars I have ever bought always seemed to be 2-3 less in city driving then the sticker. They use some bogus method to obtain these figures that are not real world driving. Like say a steady 35 mph, and that is what they call city driving.

12th Jun 2006, 06:12

Yet Kia has come a long way from it's first Sportage (it was a very courageous gesture to buy one of them) to this very model. For that money it's OK.

4th Sep 2006, 18:31

Nice car. I average 19 to 25 mpg, it all depends on how you drive it. Cannot find K&N or Frame performance air filters for this car in my area.

18th Feb 2007, 15:00

I am in the process of car shopping and the Sportage is one of my top choices. I did notice a burning smell after I turn off the vehicle. Is this something anyone else has experienced? For the price – it seems to be a good value. What type of gas mileage do other comparable SUV’s get?

11th Mar 2007, 07:51

From the Great state of Texas, United States, We have recently purchased a 2007 KIA Sportage. It was a used vehicle so I should have been nervous. In January the temperature was cool so I did not notice it, but the A/C was blowing cool air not cold air. After one month we noticed the air was blowing warmer and warmer. We soon found out we had a hole in the EV-AC condenser that was allowing the Freon to leak out. My opinion on the car it is very comfortable to drive. My personal opinion was this was a problem with the vehicle before we bought it, but I can't prove that. However the vehicle has been fuel efficient and I was pleasantly surprised with the PEP in the 4 cylinder motor. The interior is rather spacious as I am a big man 6’1” 275 lbs. Overall it is a very good car for myself and my wife. For a family of 5-it may be a tad small. Overall I would give it a 4.0, But hey I have only had it for 3 months.

L CRAIG Houston Texas.

7th Dec 2008, 12:41

My Daughter purchased a 2006 KIA Sportage and it has power door locks. Shouldn't they also have keyless entry?

29th Apr 2009, 06:11

My 2008 Kia Sportage with the 5 speed 4X4 and 2.0 four cylinder engine averages NO LESS than 30 mpg. I travel about 200 to 300 miles per day, up and down mountains. What a surprise for a vehicle that has a dry weight of over 3400 pounds... LOVE IT!