21st Oct 2003, 07:41

I just want to comment on your high-temperatures problem.

I own a '89 2105 1200cc, and never, ever had a problem with water temperatures! I also live in Greece, and even though my car is driven very hard, the temperature has never exceeded the middle mark on the gauge...

So the problem is not the car's design, but some mechanical failure in your car! I therefore advise you to check your cooling system...

31st Jul 2004, 13:13

I'm driving a Lada 2105 in one of the most terrible environments for cars: Cuban streets and roads. The problem with engine's temperature you referred is probably related with mechanical problem rather than coolest air intake. Lada's water cooling system (including radiator and water pump) develops with time the same kind of syndrome that affect sewage pipes: incrustations and so, due to the diverse salts in the water (and cleaning liquids does not help very much). Sometimes (as we Cubans know well) the most effective solution is the most rude: just beat it a little (we call the method "Soviet oil" ;)

6th Jun 2005, 14:15

I had he same problem of high temperature when I was traveling in a highway in Peru, the indicator reached the red zone, I stop the car and found there was no one drop of water in the cooler!, I started again and drove slowly for the next 30 km to a gas station, filled with water and I followed my travel, after 10 hours I arrived to my destination 800 km north of the place of failure!, after I bought a new cooler cap, and end of the problem. This happened 3 years ago. no problem derived from the affair, except the story.

21st Nov 2005, 13:46

My father own's a lada 2105 with a 15 turbo diesel engine, but until a few weeks ago it still had the 1300 petrol engine. we had the same problem and found out that the thermostat was malfunctioning. I suggest that you check it.

15th Jan 2006, 18:20

My father has drove the same 2105 for almost 20 years, with no temperature problem despite the average tropical hot climate. His solution was to seal the return water hose; well, the hose that makes hot water to recycle from the block to the heating system -which is useless in our tropical climate. This way all the water runs from the block to the radiator. He also tilted the radiator more closer to he cooling fan. Motor's cooling system seems to turn more efficient since temperature never goes up.

31st Jul 2018, 02:17

This car is a soviet marvel, it does what it needs to do, and will beat surely the lesser and petty 1.4 Golf. Such is life. It accelerates very well, it brakes not so well, but maintenance, no problem. Strong brakes then. The car is a beauty and simple, and will perform if well taken care of.