1980 Lada Niva 1.6 Gas from Costa Rica


Excellent car, still running


This car has 210 000 kilometers, it's still running with the same engine, though the valve system was replaced.

General Comments:

This car has 25 years and it's still running with the same engine. It uses a lot of gasoline, but the parts are cheap. I have to take it to service once a year and the car is very thankful and reliable.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2005

4th Sep 2005, 22:15

Congratulations for being an enthusiatic and satisfied original owner of your Lada Niva. Your contribution yet again illustrates the strength and reliability of this great car. I currently own a 1997 Niva and it just continues to impress with its durability and performance. Apart from normal maintenance items e.g. spark plugs, filters etc. I have not had any problems with my Niva whatsoever. The Niva is truly indestructible!

31st Aug 2009, 00:06

Four years later, I must say finally the direction gear has broken. Lasted only 30 years! (The mechanic said it was ready to rebuild in 2001, but as it worked we left it original just to now). Still the same engine, 280 000, driven in Costa Rica only.

20th Feb 2010, 10:33

Update February 2010.

The engine has 290 000 kms on it. It seems it will finally need an overhaul. My mechanic informed me the loss of oil is due to loss of compression into the carter, which makes the oil to evaporate, so, it's recommended to keep the revs under 3500 until we can get the car into reparation.