1993 Lada Niva 4X4 1.6 from Bulgaria


Deceptively sturdy and always fun


Driver side window crank broke.

Passenger seat "wobbles" a little.

General Comments:

After having driven American 4X4s for several years before relocating to Europe, I find this vehicle amazing:

Although small when viewed from the exterior, while driving, it feels like a good size SUV.

Excellent road view and great elevation.

Able to handle the sometimes "challenging" road conditions in Bulgaria without blinking.

I have the feeling that my Niva could climb a tree if I wanted it to; however it is imperative that you are not in a hurry to get anywhere, though.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2006

5th Apr 2006, 17:10

The "square" design of the cabin provides ample room for both driver and passengers. This unique design feature gives a feeling of spaciousness inside. I agree with the reviewer, that in 1st. gear and in low range, the Niva could probably just about climb up a vertical plane. A REAL 4x4! Great value for money.

1993 Lada Niva 1600 1.6 from Turkey


Little 4x4 with a soul


A lot for a year.

Windshield replacement (it was broken when I got the car)

Windshield-washer motor replacement

Brake system control, oil replacement carburetor cleaning, wheel-tire control (when I got the car)

Generally rust problems.

**Most Shocking and Important.

-Rear drive-shaft fall down, when driving on hi-way.

-Front diff fall down (diff case cracked), when driving.

General Comments:

Buy a Niva if want to love a car.

You must love it, and care about it everyday. Else it will remember that to you.

I got my Niva in very bad condition, because I need immediately a car and I have got enough money only for a broken niva. (ca $3000)

I planned for driving it for 3 months and then buy another car. But I love this car.

It's not so bad in town, and great on terrain. You can go everywhere you want. (for example; to a construction site (my workplace) : where 2.5 ton 2500cc turbo-diesel 4x4 Nissan Skystar stuck in mud)

So I love it more, I plan now for a complete motor and body repair.

PS: Forget about comfort, when you think about a Niva.

Forget about speed, when you think about a Niva.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2005

27th Mar 2005, 21:04

Dude, am loving way you talk. Is hilarious. You say 3000 DOLLARS? Or 3000 of your money? Like.. 25 US dollars? 3000 bucks for a 4x4 rusted out with a cracked windshield is a BAD deal. I got a Suzuki X-90 4x4 with all the options, in great running shape that only needed a fender, mirror, and basic maintenance for 2000. Came with a tint, too :) Where are you located? In the US, a Nissan Skyline is an ugly sports car (often subjected to horrible mutilations by people who rice the thing out thinking it looks "cool"), not a 4x4.

Sounds like a good car, though. Little 4x4's are awesome, they can truly go anywhere. Heck, first vehicle on the moon was a tiny 4x4. Enjoy your toy, dude.

1993 Lada Niva 1.6 petrol from North America


If you don't like Ladas, just try one. I did


Nothing has gone wrong in this car for the little time I've had it. The only thing that doesn't work is the locks, which really doesn't matter because there is nothing worth stealing in it, however I do take the keys out of the ignition, which I think is in a very stupid place.

General Comments:

I love my Lada even thought people make fun of it, because of what it is, one of my friends said " why do you want a Lada, does it run on vodka?

My Niva is an awesome car, and there is no complaints, the seats are very comfortable, and it is great off road, which is the only reason I bought it. For being a 1993 it is pretty said that it is not fuel injected, however I'm glad it isn't, because it is easier to find out why it won't start. Pour some gas down the carb, and if it still doesn't go there is most likley a spark plug problem. The interior is nice for a Russian car, I really like the retro gagues.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2004

6th Jan 2006, 07:31

Nice review. If you`re having carbie problems, best to buy a Niva carburettor kit (about $70), and do a thorough overhaul. Your Niva will start first time, every time. Maybe the diaphragms have a split in them, or jets are clogged up, or float chamber level needs adjusting. The Solex carbie is usually very reliable.

If the ride, on road, is getting a bit "bouncy", it`s usually a sign that the upper and lower ball joints are worn and need replacing. Again, a relatively easy and inexpensive procedure. Plenty of parts.

As far as the occasional light-hearted jibes ["does it run on vodka"], ignore them. The REAL joke is on them- struggling to pay off their expensive $30-40,000 S.U.V.s which require intricate and expensive servicing. In addition, the Niva will eat most of them for breakfast!

6th Apr 2016, 08:38

"The only thing that doesn't work is the locks"

Haha, I own an 1988 Niva right now, and it does have the same problem! xD