1995 Lada Niva gas from North America


Perfect off roading bargain


The only thing so far is that I had a bad connection on the battery, other than some cheap plastic gone awry. Front brakes are getting down to about 2 thirds and the light bulb replacement is a common thing.

General Comments:

This vehicle is very good on any off road terrain, and a hell of a lot better riding than my Suzuki was. The power is very good and the fuel economy is not too bad at 30+mpg.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 25th September, 2001

8th Feb 2002, 19:40

Transfer case is bullet proof. Differentials eat spider gears. With minor modificiations my Niva with 31 inch tires runs easily with other vehicles with 38 inch tires. Walks all over the expensive Land Rovers... :)

12th May 2002, 04:12

To all you doubters. My Lada cost me $2000. It leaves far more expensive and far more technologically advanced off roaders in its wake. And when I bend it,..who really cares.

It is an off road vehicle and very good at it.

But I do have to do a bit of work on the beast from time to time.

It all ways got me home and my kids and I had a great time playing in it.

It is up to the buyer. Cheap off road fun verses the expensive, rapidly depreciating ego caressing vehicles from,... well just about anyone who thinks they can build one. Most won't make the first serious hillside.