12th Dec 2005, 22:42

I am having trouble finding secondhand tyres for my Lada. I have the original 16" rims and am wondering what size tyres I can use other than the 175/75. Can any one help?

17th Dec 2005, 00:09

As you know, the correct tyre for the 16 inch wheel is 175/80R 16. You can also use a 175/82 16 tyre. If you want to use a wider tyre-e.g. 185 or 195 on the 16 inch wheel, you should check with your tyre retailer. The Niva`s wheel arches will clear it, but you must make sure it is safe to fit a wider tyre onto the standard 16 inch Niva rim. However, I would shop around for an inexpensive set of 15 inch Lada alloys- with the right off-set of-course- and then fit a set of 195/80R 15 off-road tyres e.g. Goodyear Wranglers RT/S. They are quiet on road, and very capable off road. No need to go for an even wider tyre size- as the steering will start to get heavy- and without power steering, the Niva will become a bit of a handful. Hope this is of some help.

28th Feb 2006, 09:45

I am very interested in finding where to purchase replacement points for the electrical distributor of a 1987 Lada Niva.

If anyone knows and would like to share the information I can never thank you enough for your help.

Please reply to TSolernou@aol.com.

19th Mar 2006, 10:44

I`m interested how much oil it's supposed to have in the gearbox, and the front, rear and middle differential. Please write me at dzish@hotmail.com. Thanks.

26th Jun 2006, 23:15

Nivas are the best vehicle ever invented!!

I just bought one with a broken steering box for $50, its got a nice 1600 diesel engine in it.

Does anyone know a site on the net with a guide on how to get the old box out?

27th Jun 2006, 18:29

Look up Lada Niva Online and refer to technical support. Look up the factory technical manual - there is a detailed chapter on the steering box, diagrams etc. Hope this helps. From a keen 1997 Niva enthusiast. Cheers.

2nd Jul 2006, 20:55

Error! Two liters is required in the gearbox.

3rd Jul 2006, 19:48

When you say 'Error', which model Niva are you referring to? The factory operating manual for the Lada Niva indicates the filling capacity for the gearbox to be 1.35 Litres. This is for ALL models up to and including 1998. Check your manual. I have no knowledge as to whether Lada has revised this capacity to 2 Litres - for the later and current Nivas. If this is the case, I think it`s good - as one of the problems with Niva gearboxes in the past, was insufficient lubrication of the 5th gear. I have been using between 1.6 - 1.8 Litres in my 1997 Niva - but I`ll certainly top it up to 2 Litres at the next service - the extra lubrication will be beneficial, and the Niva gearbox can accomodate this extra capacity without problems.

26th Jul 2006, 18:12

I have an 86 Niva with a 2 litre diesel Toyota transplant, but I am having trouble with it constantly overheating. There does not appear to be any water in the oil, so I am assuming the head is not cracked. There also appears to be good water flow through the system. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Also, I'm running 31 inch tyres, which make it unstoppable off road, but I'm worried that I may be damaging other areas?

26th Jul 2006, 23:00

Thanks, Bazza - much appreciated. The 5-speed box can take a little extra. 1.6-1.8 Litres is O.K. Insufficient lubrication of the 5th. gear has been a problem with Nivas in the past.

28th Jul 2006, 18:58

O.K. - Some reasons for overheating are:

1. Insufficient coolant in system.

2. Radiator clogged; requires a flush.

3. Defective thermostat.

4. Faulty radiator cap- pressure below 0.07MPa.

5. Damaged or leaking radiator.

6. Damaged or leaking cooling rubber hoses, pipe gaskets, and/or loose clamps.

7. Leaking heater tap or water pump seal.

8. Damaged radiator cap or cap seal.

9. Defective cylinder head gasket or cracks in cylinder head or block (unlikely in your case).

10. Leaks in water pump housing, water jacket return pipe, thermostat, expansion tank or intake pipe.

11. Slackened pump and alternator drive belt - may need to adjust belt tension.

12. Incorrect ignition timing - may need to check and re-adjust.

Quite often, overheating, is due to something really straight forward - such as a faulty thermostat or an external leak.

In your case, because the coolant appears to be circulating well, the problem may be due to incorrect ignition timing and/or a need to re-adjust the alternator belt tension.

It may also be a small crack in the cylinder gasket and/or head - oil in the coolant may not always be easy to detect - if the crack is minimal.

Hope this helps. From a 1997 Niva enthusiast.

P.S. The off-sets on the wheels you`ve fitted may be out - which may cause wheel bearing problems as well as pre-mature wear of the upper and lower ball joints. On the other hand, you might not ever have any problems. The Niva, as we appreciate, is built very tough. Cheers.

22nd Apr 2007, 20:17

Hi, just reading some of the chat. 75/90 oil for the diffs would be far too thin for our hotter climates, and bearings etc. will overheat as the oil cooks.

It is recommended to use 85/140, which is a proper diff oil for warmer places like Australia, New Zealand etc.

The 75/90 or 80/90 is great for gearbox & transfer case.

Gearbox level, fill level to filler bung on LHS of car, jack LHF wheel a couple of inches off the ground, add another half litre (500ml) only, start filling more than that, then you'll start to blow oil seals.

P.s. if the other person couldn't find points for his, we have them in stock...

Hope this helps, Andy

Lada & Korean Parts Australia

Daewoo, Ssangyong, Hyundai, Rocsta, Festiva, Kia, Lada



12th Nov 2007, 03:43

Would like a lada niva.I think its a great vehicle

9th Dec 2007, 08:50

I am interested in purchasing a good, used Lada Niva. Rust wouldn't be too much of an issue; mechanically sound would be a bonus. Fully functioning electrical would also be a plus, as would the availability of pictures for description. Forward information to valuevillagereject@hotmail.com. Your help in this is appreciated. thanks from Don.

4th Jul 2010, 19:12

Well, here we are now some 4 years since I added to this thread.

As far as my '91 1600 goes, for the engine I decided to stick to 20/50 mineral oils such as Castrol GTX, Gulf Western, Valvoline etc, depending on price at the shop. I figured regular changes are cheap insurance (done at 6 monthly intervals, plus filter).

I only use OE filters because of the low pressure system, and they are no dearer than aftermarket items.

The transmission, differentials etc were all drained out and got a main-brand 80/90 (Fuchs I think).

In consideration of the age of the engine, I add some seal conditioner at oil change time.

So far so good.

There's a bumper sticker around that says "Lada Niva, always broken but never broken down" and that about sums it up.

Regards to all - Bazza.

6th Sep 2010, 02:10

I just finished restoring my '84 Niva because I love it so. It has proven itself over and over.

I would like to raise it by fitting taller tyres for driving off road, mud mostly. I have the standard 16 inch Niva wheels and I live in New Zealand.

Any tips appreciated.

17th Sep 2010, 18:34

Look up Lada U.K. site, and go to the discussion page. Look up 'Hoodoo Lift' in the technical section. Oh, and join the forum - we are a friendly lot.