1989 Lada Samara GLX 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Very reliable car


We had the car after standing for 3 years.

We had to replace fuel hoses, front wings and 1 offside brake caliper.

After having the car on the road or a year we have had to replace the rear silencer, offside rear wheel sylinder, near side drive shaft gaiter and both offside wheel bearings due to wear and tear.

We also replaced the tailgate struts.

General Comments:

After receiving the car I realised I did not take to the disgusting brown colour of the interior. I replaced this with a gray interior from a donor car, and have since recovered the door panels with a blue fleece material.

The car is very solid and the acceleration is quite good, but does not compare with a modern car, but overall speed is good.

The suspension is rather hard, but therefore does not role on corners.

Steering is rather heavy at low speeds i.e. parking.

(Power steering would have been nice)

After respraying black with a silver coach line and fitting fog and driving lamps it looks rather smart.

I'm proud to be seen in my Samara.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2005

1989 Lada Samara GL 1.5i from UK and Ireland


Cheap and economic and a good runabout around the town


After one year the starter motor failed.

After around 30,000 miles the electrics started to become a little faulty and these negling problems continued until it was taken of the road in 2001.

The left screen-wiper fell of in 1997 and the right one a few months later.

The seats became worn after 7 years and looked tatty.

It became rusty after a while it was certainly evident in 2000.

Gearbox replaced at 130,000 miles and other routine things with cars.

Engine began to become rattly and rather noisy at 100,000 miles. Though it was not using much fuel and was not too smoocky until it reached 150,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is nippy around town and handles reasonably well.

The interior however could be a little more sophisticated.

The car is not too good on motorways as it is not quick enough.

It is quite reliable though it does require more regular servicing after 100,000 miles.

It does require some electrical work quite often as the electrics are a little poor.

However it is cheap to run reasonably economic and lasts well if looked after properly.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2004

1989 Lada Samara 1.3 petrol from Slovenia


Solid, but not best quality


Normal wear and tear: battery, timing belt, oil, filters, brake bads, exhaust.


93000 km: low carburettor CO level, fixed.

99000: sudden fuel leak near carburettor, fire, almost all plastic under bonnet components including electrical installation replaced.

102000: rear brakes and handbrake completely refitted.

105000: engine doesn't start in wet weather-since then extremely bad starting in wet weather. Never fixed appropriately.

109000: left wheel ball joint replaced.

Thermostat replaced.

Rear brakes-problems again.

Windscreen washer system stopped working, fixed, but soon broke down again.

Emergency lights broke down.

116000: alternator started to fail. Replaced.

119000: right direction indicator and right headlight don't work appropriately. Fault somewhere in extremely badly built electrical system. Fixed, but not for a long time.

Problems with cabin ventilator. When turned on, alternator doesn't work appropriately. Mystery.

Heating system doesn't work appropriately.

120000: mysterious leak from the cooling system. Radiator OK. Stopped without intervention.

124000: mysterious leak again. Radiator bottom hose replaced.

124500: direction indicators don't function anymore. Fixed.

Left drive shaft bellows torn. Replaced.

125000: strange noises from the right wheel when turning left, strange noises from the steering system when turning right. Mystery.

Leak from the cooling system again.

Water pump suspected. Not replaced. Magic "top shop" fluid put in.

126000: the car sold for 150 euro.

General Comments:

I can't understand how the quality can be so low. I got the car regularly serviced at least every 10000 km, I maintained it extremely well and took care of it. The first owner was my grandfather and the car was garaged for 11 years, regularly serviced and nicely driven. But still... I'm sure I forgot at least some faults above, oh yes - drivers seat, left side door handle, leaking to the boot, window opener broken, problems with lights, fuse and relay unit replaced... but almost NO RUST! I suspect that my grandpa, deceased, had the car additionally protected, as lada cars were known from very bad metal body. This car was not bad to drive, good engine, although not very economic, although comfort and interior material quality were extremely low. Also quite spacious (interior, boot) for its size. But the faults were simply too frequent.

Technology, quality and materials are simple of too low level for a decent car. I liked the car very much in spite of all, but as I nearly bankrupted because of so many faults the only reasonable decision was to get rid of it.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2004

12th Sep 2010, 01:55

Well, I'm always amazed by the fact people complain about rust. In the Soviet Union we know for sure that the only cars that don't rust are the ones made before '91, after - everything (maybe with a very little exception, Volgas and Nivas), but everything was made junk.

I live now in Alaska, but still miss Soviet made "tractors". They not were allowed in US, for safety reasons, what a joke...