1993 Lada Samara GL Flyte 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Fantastically cheap and easy to look after, but you might need to get your hands dirty!


Rear screen washer has never worked.

Fuel hoses around carburettor had perished, but easy to replace.

Carburettor worked loose, causing a variety of unusual problems (just tightened it up with a new gasket).

Can be troublesome to start 10-30 minutes after a run.

General Comments:

Good low-end torque and good acceleration.

Cruises well at 70mph @ 40-50mpg. Will reach over 95mph at a push, but you don't really want to be driving like that..

Mine looks brilliant with the stock 'Flyte' body kit on, otherwise they look a bit... ridiculous.

Tough engines (really tough!), strong Russian shocks, high ground clearance and tough steering/running gear make the car very durable.

Headlights and foglights so bright it feels like driving in the daytime when it's dark.

The Samara handles well, follows where you point it despite the high ground clearance.

Parts incredibly cheap. Ludicrously cheap. Excellent and thorough help available from other Lada owners online.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004

17th Oct 2008, 03:46

The "crap" alloy wheels are not Lada`s fault. They would have been a local product, along with all the other add ons. The Samara (in standard factory guise), is an honest, reliable car. And it doesn`t over-heat like the boss`s Jaguar. Perhaps, he should have left the Lada badge on the Jag. That way, at least his car would have been viewed as reliable.

1993 Lada Samara 1.5 carby from Australia and New Zealand


East European sports car!


Alternator failed twice.

Brake leaks x 5.

Choke fell off.

All plastic interior parts prone to breakage.

Clutch not super-heavy duty.

1st gear synchros fragile.

General Comments:

Cheap to buy, cheap to run (1L/10km), drives OK, not a lot of room for lowering with standard suspension. Goes much better with a free flow muffler.

Also crashes well, the thick Russian metal saved my life in a roll-over!!!

Could do with a better gearbox, then you could do some serious engine mods.

Still the butt of many jokes...

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2001