29th Jul 2007, 19:50

Very attractive auto and stylish.

27th Mar 2008, 23:51

I recently purchased a 1989 Laforza Laforza with 75,000 miles on it. I have not put it on the road as yet, as I am having the same electrical problems as everyone else. I know most of it is the fuses, but where do you buy them; they are different that's for sure.

I'm also having a problem with electric fuel pump; it still pumps fuel after the ignition is turned off. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone know the cost of the electrical upgrade for this vehicle?

Thanks for your help.

Other than above mentioned, the car runs great and handles excellent.


17th Dec 2009, 23:15

I have a 1989 Laforza, and my Dad was the original owner. I think it does handle well around corners, since the chassis is very sturdy and heavy. This weight, which is in the lower part of the SUV, helps it to handle well around all corners, you can actually drift these SUV's without tipping over. I do not suggest that you should try this, but I think it's pretty amazing when you can feel the back break out, and that you are going to be safe in this beast.

Very safe, one of only two SUVs that I know of that can bust through the concrete safety test walls. The other SUV is the G500 or G55 Mercedes, and it's pretty pricey.

Once you buy the upgraded Stage 1 and Stage 2, from Mark Z, I noticed a big difference with the brightness of the headlights, and tail lights. I can actually see the beam on the ground, even on a rainy day.

The windows and wipers have way more power, and make me want to hold on to the SUV.

I have a Flowmaster on it, and it makes it sound throaty and almost Italian as the motor is a Ford 5.0 V-8. I'm glad that Mark is helping us Laforza people enjoy our Unique Rids. It would be nice if we could put 20's on these too...