7th Jan 2001, 07:10

Man, that is like my DREAM CAR!! Well, that and a 1950 BMW XK 120! One of these days I'll have a couple of each.

So are you a diamond or an emerald or something like that? 20 direct legs? What, you've got to be something excellent like that to have such a scrumptious car!

I'd love to here about your escapades in that car. If you come back here and read this, write.


25th Feb 2001, 02:25

I personally think NSX's look really really nice. I raced one once in my RS Camaro. I think he said it had a V6 V-tec in his. He beat me, but not by much. The best thing about the NSX is the amazing sound of then engine when it is opened up. I've never heard anything so sweet in my life.

5th Mar 2001, 06:35

Bottom line...

Like many people, I too would love to own a Lamborghini Diablo, and with todays second-hand prices they're not as unattainable as they were, but it's one thing to be able to afford to buy one (just), but what do Diablos cost to run?

I don't want the old line 'if you have to ask you can't afford it'.

If anyone out there knows, please post your reply...


9th May 2001, 01:20

Buying a secondhand one is relatively cheap - you get a lot for your money. I owned an early 2wd model three years ago for 6 months. Bought in Europe and LHD, I paid about GBP38,000 for it. Mileage was quite high at 45,000kms, and I put another 8,000kms on it.

As for running costs, this is the trap I fell in to. I thought I would get away with keeping the costs down by using specialists for servicing, but with a relatively high mileage car, bits started to break a little too often.

The gearbox didn't really stop leaking, the brake discs had to be replaced, rear tyres (P Zeros are NOT cheap!) replaced, and some electrical gremlins, which I tried to sort out myself, but couldn't fix so had to pay someone to fix them (passenger window and lights were the main culprits).

Insurance was stupid, even living in the countryside, garaged and fully alarmed/immobilised. But I was in my late 20's, so understandable. And don't talk to me about fuel economy, but that is also par for the course.

Overall, I think the 6-month bill came to about GBP54,000, including purchase of the car. That's why the affair only lasted for 6 months!

I don't regret owning it - indeed, I had great fun with it in spite of all it's faults. I think if you have the opportunity to "join the club" so to speak, do it. Just be very careful, have the car fully checked over by someone who knows them REALLY well and put at least GBP10,000 a year (excl. fuel and insurance!) aside so you can keep on enjoying it.

I sometimes wish I still had it, but moving to Australia kind of made the decision for me (no LHD cars allowed unless they're older classics).

Maybe I'll dip my toe in the water again in the future, but not just yet! The NSX is just too damn good!!

8th Jun 2001, 08:18

How good is a BMW E46 M3 with an AA turbo on it. If anyone knows please email me at dorado1111@hotmail.com.

30th Aug 2002, 01:19

I would just like to say that Diablos, yes they are good looking cars, but who has the money to buy one. Obviously, my girlfriend feels that she would in about less than 10 years. I told her to go for it! As much as I love her, I am not going to spend all that money on a car that I won't even drive. You talk about love, then that is what you would call "love that really hits you in the wallet."

But I am behind her 100%



28th Apr 2003, 12:34

OK, here's the thing: there were just 80 (EIGHTY) GTs produced out of a total of 2920 Diablos. There are just too many guys in here "reviewing" their prized possessions. At least this one is honest to say that he has covered 0 kilometers! It's obvious that he's owned it in his dreams.

...and who is this guy that says his dream car is a BMW XK120? You need to know your cars mate. XK-120 was a Jaguar man!

12th Sep 2004, 01:43

This guy says "you haven't lived untill you've driven one"

Well sorry man, but a wet dream just doesn't cut it. At one time or another we all pretend that we have driven a car that's as amazing as the lambo, but then most of us eventually turn 14 and realize its just not gonna happen.

As for the author of the first posting all I have to say is "good luck with your far fetched lies, and hopefully one day they keep you from being taken advantage by your roommate in prison"

27th Jun 2005, 07:33

... Checked out that page ^^^ drew two conclusions. Either your parents are REALLY RICH, or you are a genius who is a CEO at like 23. Anyways, glad you have such sweet cars at such a young age. I thought I was fortunate to own a Lexus SC300 5 spd. at 16. But this takes the cake.

12th Feb 2006, 17:01

Yeah I checked out that page too. That's called a Diablo Roadster not GT... I guess he couldn't care less though it's all the same to rich folks..

15th Feb 2007, 08:59

For a real GT Diablo, have a look here http://www.88qv.com/25%20of%2080.htm

And yes it's mine before anyone asks.