11th Dec 2007, 09:35

A wonderful car and all, but if clutches are failing at 10,000 miles or less, they are not fit for the purpose.

Autotrader ads seem to back up these claims. Most used Gallardos say "recent clutch fitted" or similar. It's appalling.

There are big turbodiesels weighing half as much again, and making half as much torque again as this(car) that don't fry clutches. It's just crap engineering.

The Gallardo is an amazing car, but it's amazing that with poor design and lousy components, people will mistake for "character".

22nd Aug 2008, 07:27

Expense exotic car should be able to take off without burning out they're clutch. Why have a sportcar if you can't drive it in a sporting manner? Lamborghini should be a shame of themselves for putting such an unreliable clutch in they're cars. I really feel sorry for the owners of Lamborghinies.

22nd Aug 2008, 16:17

Ferrari ain't much better, I remember an episode of Top Gear that stated the Enzo could only do 4 full bore standing starts before the clutch gave up.

20th Sep 2008, 22:33

The clutches got revised several times by the factory, and were only an issue in early e-gear cars. Software revisions and stronger clutches solved the issues they were having early on. And even on those early ones, it's all about how the car was driven, cause I was at a car event today with a guy with a 2004 with over 20k miles and his clutch still read 80% by the dealer computer. I have an 08 and supposedly it can handle well over 50 launches with 'launch control' without eating the clutch up.

It doesn't even begin to compare to my previous cars (01 S4 412awhp, 02 M3, 01 996 turbo, etc.), easily the most wonderful car I have ever owned.

4th Jun 2009, 15:50

I had an 04 Gallardo manual. Replaced the clutch twice within a couple of thousand miles!! In the end I just left it in my garage for a few months before selling on (out of frustration and knowing I was getting ripped by the dealership)! Apparently it costs Lambo an extra £50 to strengthen the clutch i.e. harder wearing material. If Porsche can state that the clutch in the Carrera GT is good for 100k miles, why can't Lambo make it last more than a few thousand miles. After sales rip off that's what it is. Lambo know what they're doing!

5th Jun 2009, 16:00

20:14 300 hp why not a used V10 Viper? Low production race inspired frame fast, handles great and takes a lot of abuse.

Buy a CD and listen to the Lambo motor at home, but buy a car you can drive on the track and then make it home as well.

1st Jan 2010, 10:00

Thanks to all the comments you all had posted, it helped me decide which car to purchase. I have been a longtime Porsche enthusiast and owner of 997 C4S, but had the itch for a Lambo Gallardo due to its aggressive look. Due to all the clutch issues, having to cough out high $$$ every couple of thousand miles for replacement, I think it's a wise decision to stick with Porsche GT3RS over the Gallardo.

21st Jan 2010, 00:15

Wow. I was convinced that the Gallardo was my next car, but there isn't a prayer now. Nothing is more frustrating than a mechanical issue with a car, whether it is a Kia or a Lamborghini, and judging from these comments, the Gallardo isn't a very good car.

Truth is, I think I might give the Corvette ZR-1 a look. 638HP & 100K sounds like a pretty good bang for the buck. Does anyone have any ideas about the ZR-1?

21st Jan 2010, 17:22

Corvettes are reliable and bulletproof regardless of "bang per buck" They do not need pampered and are extremely fast and fun to drive. If you enjoy driving a car anytime you want vs. downtime and in the shop they cannot be beat. I have 2. Ever wonder why you constantly see such ridiculous low mileage Ferraris, Lambos and the like even with age? If I want a piece of art in my garage, it's in a picture frame, not parked.

31st May 2010, 23:34

You really should have broke the clutch in more before trying to burn out with it, at least a 1000 miles. Plus I don't think burning out in a AWD car is really a good idea anyway.

30th Dec 2011, 02:57

I have 2 Lambos. A 2004 with manual clutch and a 2008 E-gear Superleggera. Both cars are awesome, but the E-gear is more F1... a lot more fun! You don't have to take your hand off the steering wheel = safety!! The clutch on these cars holds up for about 20 000 miles, regardless type of clutch. BUT, do NOT drive the E-gear in city traffic! You can ruin a new clutch in a weekend..! The power/weight and loss of feeling in your foot kills it, and in Sweden, a clutch change costs about 10 000$. All in all, these fantastic cars are built for racetracks.