18th Nov 2005, 13:36

I was just to know why the clutches on Lamborghini's go so quick. my dad had a 1990 Honda and the clutch didn't need replacement till the 80000 mile mark. is it because of the power being delivered or something like that?

4th Apr 2006, 19:44

Wow, that's awesome, the coolest car I've seen was a Z06 Corvette one time, it was the coolest car, I've dreamed of SEEING Lamborghinis, but never have I thought of driving one, I bet that was great.

8th Nov 2006, 18:44

Somebody has to be able to afford them or they wouldn't be made!

25th Nov 2006, 18:17

Do not get a five year old Lamborghini. I say go for it, you have nothing to loose. I'm sure you want regret getting a 2002, or 2003 or even a 2004 Lamborghini. Do not let the $$price$$ throw you off.

25th Dec 2006, 13:14

This is a great car if you want speed and attention. I've owned my black Gallardo for 1.5 years now, and still feel the adrenaline rushing when I drive it. It lets you taste how a celebrity feels, the attention is too much sometimes, performance is incredible, the music from the engine is sublime.

27th Mar 2007, 11:38

Well well. I'm from Singapore. I paid S$850000 for this little baby, and I only can use it for 10 year; after that my car has no value at all!

I think my country is not good to "play" with cars.

11th Jan 2008, 19:51

Man I wish I can afford an exotic all I do is day dream about them and I'm such a big fan of cars and speed, but I have never driven a car more than 6 cylinders. I guess I'm poor.

1st Aug 2008, 15:03

Ya it's a great car, but if you don't have 25k for the annual tuneups then don't bother buying it :)

15th Nov 2008, 19:47

Just wanted to make a few comments about "Exotic" cars. First of all only an Enzo or Bugatti would come even close to $25 K per year to keep up. Of course if you can afford a Million plus, 25k should not be a big deal. A 308 or 328 Ferrari (I own a 328) should cost LESS than 2k per year. Still not cheap, I know. The key might be to find a less exotic car to buy. I also own a '92 GMC Typhoon, which is actually faster than the 328, has great brakes and corners fantastic. No it does not get the same looks, but I do meet people who love the car. Or how about a "Street Rod", not always cheap but easy maintenance. Look around, be creative.

22nd Jul 2009, 18:17

I love Lamborghini I want to own one when I grow up or a Aston Martin. I think I might be able to afford one when I grow up, based on the job I am gonna get. I going to save up for one my entire life!

28th Jul 2009, 17:59

Agreed - 25K, that is just not right for maintenance, way too much. I'd say over 5 years you'll average $3000-$5000 a year for most Ferraris, or $3 a mile, unless you blow an engine, which will cost you maybe $20,000 (for used) which includes all labor and a full service to make the car like new again.

My experience is friends that try to make them semi-daily drivers are in the shop once every other month, but usually because "something is not right," like a weird sound; catastrophic failure isn't that common on any of these. I mean, it will leave you on the side of the road if hoses blow off, for instance, but usually, catastrophic damage is due to negligence.

Insurance for most supercars, $1500-2000 a year. Not that bad.

I'd say that a person that makes around $140,000 a year and is not married could easily afford it; married, probably $200K a year. That is a decent income but not unattainable if you have a good day job say in IT and turn your hobbies into cash on the side.

19th Nov 2009, 12:38

I'm a college student, but I know someone that has a Gallardo.

These cars are crazy in-person. Ever since I saw the Gallardo in person, my life has changed. I don't care if the universe falls apart, I'm getting the Gallardo!!

3rd Apr 2010, 16:30

I'm thinking of buying 2004 Gallardo from a friend at $75,000. It has E Gear and 30,000 miles... he just replaced the clutch... I can afford 2 to 4k a year to maintain because I have 2 other cars.. Owning a Lambo is my dream... do you guys think 30,000 miles and 75k is too much? Email me at jalencashvip@gmail.com with your opinions.

4th Apr 2010, 13:06

I waited til I was 50 and paid my home off. Then I bought Corvettes plural. Insurance is lower and felt it was smart to buy what I felt like vs take on more than I should. A few years of fun before I totally retire.

12th May 2010, 00:54

It's a shame that some of the "supercar" reviews are fake ones. However it's also quite surprising how many people have actually driven, even owned supercars.

I have actually driven 3 Gallardos myself: the standard model (if there is such a thing), the Spyder and the Superleggerra.

All of them are exciting. The most unusual thing that will strike anyone experiencing one of these awesome cars is their larger than life personality. When encountering one in real life you will notice that although they look like a "large" sports car, they are actually quite small (think 911 in scale). There are certainly a lot smaller than their big brother Murcielago.

Sink into the low and functional interior of a Gallardo and (unlike big brother Murci) you will notice all the Audi switchgear (with a blend of old aircraft type switches and dials), albeit apparently a generation or so behind a current model Audi! But this is no Audi, oh no, it is much, much better (yes even better than an Audi R8 despite the fact that they may share a lot in common).

On start up, you will be met with a nice bark, settling into an almost tractor like idle (funnily enough Lambo has made tractors too!). But the thing that becomes most memorable is the howl when you sink the boot in. Especially in tunnels. Strangely enough, you don't have to drive a Lambo overly fast (keep it in low gear) to enjoy the sound, though of course it can become a ballistic missile should you choose to do so.

Of the 3 Gallardos that I have driven, the Superleggera is the most special and fastest. This really is a road registered racer. The Spyder (convertible) gives you a better opportunity to hear the engine though and probably is a better (and "cooler") road car. The standard model is still an awesome Lambo and handles a little bit better than the Spyder whilst costing much less than both the Superleggera and Spyder. It is arguably the best "value" if you can ever talk about such a concept for a Lamborghini!

Due to the GFC, used Lambo values have taken a real hit in most markets. In real terms, this means you can buy a real, relatively low mileage Lambo for new Merc AMG money. That may still be a lot of money but it may mean that a lot less of these reviews are actually fake!

2nd Aug 2010, 11:13

When I retire I will get either a F430 or the lardo, candy apple black of course.

3rd Aug 2010, 07:32

When you retire, your income likely diminishes and you may have higher cost health issues. I bought as soon as I hit 50; I can drive to work once in a while and weekends. When I retire, I can buy a big new Cadillac and drive around Florida with the air conditioning on high all day.