1984 Lancia Beta VX Coupe 2.0 Supercharged from UK and Ireland


Slightly obscure classic that's great fun


Problems with the automatic choke have made the car fussy and unreliable.

General Comments:

This is a great classic to own and looks stunning in black.

However the price of spares and finding spares is becoming more and more difficult.

The performance when running correctly is excellent.

The handling is superb as is the interior space and general feel of the car.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2002

1977 Lancia Beta Coupe 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


High performance and great looks


It would be quicker for me to list the things that have not gone wrong.

Since purchasing this car, the engine has practically been rebuilt and the clutch and gearbox replaced.

There are a number of very small rust spots around the front windscreen.

The vast majority of the work carried out on this car has been due to very poor maintenence by the previous owner.

The key to (happily) owning a Lancia is keeping a high level of maintenance and having a great mechanic (many thanks to mine).

General Comments:

I have driven a number of different sports cars including a relatively modern turbo-charged Toyota MR2. However, nothing I have driven is as exciting as my Lancia Beta.

The features that this car had as standard equipment in 1977 are impressive even by today's standard: Four wheel disc brakes, fully independent suspension, anti-roll bars just to name a few.

The car looks great, the performance is fantastic for the size of the engine and, coupled with great handling, it is a pure joy to drive.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2001

1st Apr 2006, 22:33

I cannot agree more about this vehicle. I am biased because my first car was a Beta Coupe. It is a very under-rated vehicle and deserves far more respect as an engineering masterpiece of its time. I have owned a '92 MR2 and driven lots of exciting machinery. Few compare to the Beta in terms of all out perfect handling and poise. If you see one buy it!

10th Aug 2009, 17:37

I have the standard list of complaints about my Beta experience:

* Leaking/Rusting around the windshield

* Complete rebuild of clutch and transmission at low mileage

* A slow, but persistent stream of engine component failures.

Overall, when this car ran it was a blast to drive. It wasn't so much like driving a car, as it was strapping the car on and going driving.

If you have the means to keep an excellent mechanic on retainer, this is a fun car to own as a second vehicle.

26th Feb 2010, 22:58

All I have heard has inspired me to keep the restoration of my car, a late series going on. As I live in a rather small country, we have only two Beta coupes.

1975 Lancia Beta Coupe 1.8 twin cam from Australia and New Zealand


A Lancia is not a car, it is a passion


Carburetor needed an overhaul, ended up replacing with a down draught Weber from a two liter Lancia.

Rust in the front fenders and front windscreen.

Mildly worn interior.

Worn gear shift linkage.

General Comments:

Lancias are a true Italian sports car. The Lancia Beta Coupe (from which I own two) handles better than any other 1970/80's sports car. Cornering as if it were on rails.

The motors are very strong with a forged crankshaft, double valve springs and twin cams. From experience they can be revved passed 8000 RPM on a daily basis.

Lancias are out-competing modern twin cams on a regular basis on road and track.

Lancia Betas are truely high performance sports cars that compete with the likes of modern V6's.

Lancia's have very good stopping power through four wheel disc brakes, utilising an older form of anti-lock braking.

The interior can only be described as classy. Four bucket seats make up the interior of a Lancia Beta Coupe.

Total weight of the Lancia Beta Coupe is around 900kg, thus adding to the great performance and handling characteristics.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2001

17th Jun 2001, 13:34

I couldn't agree with you more. I had an '81 Coupe 5 years ago, the most fun I had on four wheels. Felt like a modern sportscar, handling was foolproof, cornered at 75MPH like it was on tracks. And Very beautiful -- young people in Integras would look at me and wave, teenagers at gas stations would walk over and talk to me about the car. I had to sell it before it started rusting. Bought 4 Audis since -- rustproof, but not as much fun. If the Italians had the sense to use proper steel in those cars or the Fiat 124s, there would be more around!