1996 Lancia Delta HPE GT VVT 1.8 16v VVT from Belgium


Smooth Italian racer



But the variator of the valves is beginning to make a diesel sound, so it is going to go out. To replace this piece, you have to change your cam belt and tensioner etc, so heavy cost.

I drove one time with a frozen handbrake, which led to the changing of the rear brakes.

Recaro alcantara seats are great, but wear fast.

General Comments:

The engine is very smooth, and gives a lot of low end torque for a 1.8.

When you want, you can rev it higher, then the VVT starts working and it will go fast.

Not a super GTI performer; 130hp for 1200kg, but you won't be beaten either by snails.

Recaro interior/seats are great.

Dash has a lot of gauges; oil temp etc.

Paint is still great, even my red one.

Brakes are good.

I have lowered it 3cm Eibach.

MS Design Evo 500 body kit.


17" rims.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2005

1996 Lancia Delta LS 5-door 2.0 HF turbo from Greece


A good Grand Tourismo 5-door bargain


The vapor circuit resulted in many malfunctioning control valves.

Alcantara seats were corroded soon.

The air recirculation motor was changed 3 times.

High consumption, could be lower.

Complicated engine based on the old Integrale's one. The factory could use higher technology.

Medium quality finishing.

No 2nd airbag.

High price.

General Comments:

Great brakes, great acceleration, great handling. It makes you move in quick rhythms, but with safety at the same time.

Comfortable for a small family that travels much, or for singles who like sports driving, but not expensive selections.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2001