28th May 2004, 02:35

March must be Fulvia Month. I was lucky enough to go to Italy and recently bring back 2 Fulvia Coupes, An S1 in Aquamarine, and an S2 in a sort of maroon /chocolate. Delightful little cars, both needed brake work as the calipers tend to seize, but a pleasure to drive. The S1 is lighter and easier to toss, feels more delicate & classic, the S2 cruises better on the freeway, has more torque off the line, & feels more modern (in a 1971 kind of way...) Glad to see a few other people out there enjoying these little art objects. Good mechanical luck to all, Jaan.

11th Jul 2005, 20:09

A new update from the owner of this car: My mechanic had finally had made up the tool needed to remove the front hubs to replace the torn rt CV joint boot (cover). I had both done as a precaution and we found out one hub has 3 splines and 1 has 6 splines, requiring 2 special tools! ($300 - does not include tools). I also had the heater system repaired. The heater valve was missing and I bought a new one ($260) and had to have linkages made, plus then had the system flushed. There was a lot of oil in the flush, but the head gasket was not bad. The heat worked just OK, but after a 90 mile drive, some coolant overflowed and the heat worked great!?!

I had a body shop check out the car and the verdict is she is very solid and only now needs some detailing in the rocker panel area to be perfect looking. The shop did make a few body repairs, but I got these at no charge (long story). The paint was matched perfectly.

Omicron now has the correct ID badge (chassis plate -$15) and I have got one. I just needed a new Starter Solenoid ($80) and had a new Thermostat ($14) installed, with state inspection (total $150). It's a bit of a hot summer for the car with no A/C, but I hope to have a great fall driving her to Virginia.

3rd May 2007, 12:48

I live in Europe & want to say that every Fulvia I've seen in the last years is in stupendous condition. They are in fixed -hands & belong to Lancia Club members. Recently two popped up for sales in Munich, honestly described as having not been driven for ages and spending the last 20 years in a storage status; perhaps not worth restoring, perhaps good only as parts source. Of course, I have to say I never see a Fulvia other than at Club meets or other such events. Mine, a red Zagato almost defies description. Please realize I have to say that, since it is mine. I would recommend that anyone who goes anywhere to buy any Lancia, Porsche or any other rare, precious and beautiful (in the eye of the beholder) automobile, boat, or other vehicle rely on the services of an expert. The funds invested in advance are better than tears pf rage down the road, if car, boat, tractor or whatever even gets that far.

3rd May 2007, 13:12

When I am thinking, I never use 1st gear. When I am not thinking, I do use 1st gear and immediately wish I had been thinking. I live in flat land, but with hilly regions all around. I guess if I was starting out on a on a steep hill I would have to use 1st, however I will state that 95% of the time, using 1st gear is just aggravating. Using 1st gear in my little Lancia Y10 means that after 1 car length I am 10 car lengths behind the car in front of me. Finding second in that car is easy & quick, but then I'm 15 car lengths behind traffic and those poor souls stuck behind me are late for work. In my Fulvia, small children on tricycles out drag me, since I am busy finessing the shift into 2d gear instead of accelerating. Try thinking too and forget 1st gear.

12th Sep 2007, 10:13


Do you still own your Fulvia in PA?

I am in Montgomery County and am on the verge of getting mine back (thankfully!) after an almost 4 year restoration.

We are about to paint and place the motor back in, after sending the head out to be done.

What a wonderful car the little Fulvia is.


mlkofkim at yahoo.com

27th Dec 2007, 08:41

A more recent update. The shop (EuroTec of Livingston NJ) apparently did not replace the boots properly (did they replace at all??) and I had to pay to have these done a second time $600. (2005) It turns out one spline nut (Right/Left) is different than the other and it needs two tools. I am using Mike Tilson of Overbrook section of Philadelphia, as he is a factory trained Lancia Mechanic. I have had an intermittent problem with the first fuse in the fuse box. This prevents the starter from engaging. Frustrating, but very minor. Otherwise the car has been very reliable, although I don't drive it enough.