1982 Lancia Gamma Saloon 2.5 petrol from Germany


An underrated fragile classic


Stupid ridiculous small things - The rear suspension turret rubber bush fell apart, and cost a fortune to replace.

The handbrake cable snapped and cost a fortune to replace.

The electrics were a nightmare, it took me a month to decipher the wiring diagram, and the power cable for the rear de-mister changed colour 3 times between the switch, and the window!

I was a trained mechanic in the dealership, and had worked on the car previously, the owner sold it to me because it cost too much to keep running.

General Comments:

The flagship of the Lancia range, and last of the real (non-Fiat) Lancias. My first Gamma was totalled after hitting a deer, so I bought the second one with a broken engine. 2 bad Lancias make 1 good one.

This car was in the Mercedes class of luxury, comfort and performance, but it's exclusivity and rarity made it a pain to keep running. The Dealer Network is also spread very thin.

The Gamma also had a mad reputation for broken timing belts, and a full service history is essential. Missed servicing equals big money to keep the car healthy later in life.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

13th Jul 2005, 00:50

The Lancia Gamma is so good... as long as the maintenance is done.

Never had any problem!


24th Dec 2006, 10:39

I just love my two Series 1 Gamma's. Number one was mostly fine at time of purchase, however needed a lot of attention after 18 years of non-use, sitting for this entire time in a Museum! As for number two: I e-bay located a soon-to-be-junked Series 2 Gamma with a newly rebuilt motor, but numerous 'too- long-outdoor-parking-deterioration' in UK, which cost slightly more to ship to Germany than to buy. Thus far windshield, wheels, tires, engine, brakes, exaust, suspension plus various bits and pieces have been swapped with my 1979 Gamma, which 'sat for 2o years' in a Lancia showroom after engine seized.

Overall, I could have bought one much newer car, but then I would have skin on my knuckles and money in my pocket. Also, nothing to write about.

3rd May 2007, 14:38

Gamma: my wife isn't a car person, except for the Y she owns; her 1st 'own' car. Don't get between her & her Y. I bought a Gamma & spent time & $ getting it more right than it was when I bought it. This was easy. I mean spending money getting it right was easy. The getting it right part wasn't easy, since the brakes shop couldn't do electrics, although they said they could; exhaust-system shop couldn't adjust carbs, although they said they could etc etc. Getting it right was a challenge for all involved, as well as for my private-money budget. Finally the great day arrived. She said "it isn't as comfortable as mine"; then "its really loud". Then she fell asleep for 2 hours. She, "Ms. Always-Nervous Co-Driver" was a silent passenger in a great, quiet, comfortable Gamma.