1996 Lancia Kappa LX 3.0 V6 from Colombia


Excelent balance between price and performance


Central lock door control failure.

General Comments:

My previous car were two Mercedes-Benz. I'm still surprised with Lancia┬┤s comfort and performance. The best car I have ever had for the money I paid for it.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2010

1996 Lancia Kappa LS 2.0 from Germany


Fabulous car for the price


Needs here and there a few new parts.

General Comments:

The kappa is a great car given the relatively low purchase price. It's fast, comfy and spacious. Fuel consumption is certainly too high. Not a great city car, but fabulous on highways. Mine has 245/35 18" tires on Aluminum rims with a low suspension, which makes it the best drive at high speeds, absolutely stable. I got a corner mechanic whose specialty are Italian cars so anything I need is (relatively) cheap. Interior is really nice indeed.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 1st October, 2006

1996 Lancia Kappa 2.0 Turbo 2.0 turbo from Greece


Limo super car!


No problems at all until now even though I am pressing it very hard.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car, including electric leather seats and sunroof, highly equipped in accordance with other cars built in 1996. A great motor, incredible power (have kicked some *** of Subaru Impreza on the road) max speed on speedometer 250 km!!

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Review Date: 16th August, 2006

26th Feb 2007, 18:16

I bought a Lancia kappa 2 litre turbo built in 2000, the last year of manufacture, from a dealership. The car was previously owned by Fiat and used as an executive car. It had 2800 kilometers when I acquired it in 2002. Driving it, for almost five years, has been a remarkable experience. I often tell people it is the only perfect car that was ever made. As fast as a sports car, as big as a limousine, it is both a family car and a fun car as well as being beautifully designed and engineered. It is a spacious five-seater in which you can see the speedometer needle swing past the 250 kms/hour mark. It drives splendidly, but requires respect and care because of its power. If I had any criticism it would be that there could be less accelaration in first and more in third or fourth. It is a pity this great model was not continued longer.

1996 Lancia Kappa SW 2.4 turbo diesel from Italy


A basically good car spoiled by cheap details


When I bought the car (100700 Km), the car had an engine management actuator fault (repaired under guarantee, but unspecified by dealer) causing random and sudden loss of power until RPM returned to idle speed (try overtaking with that)

Internal door panel plastic cracked at 102000 Km (silly no-handle design with recess incorporated in panel stresses said panel)

Rear windscreen wiper motor failed (103000 Km)

Right hand rear wheel bearing showing signs of wear (108000 Km)

Power steering pressure hose failed suddenly (109000 Km), causing immediate loss of all hydraulic fluid and P/S function (good job I had just parked after driving down a mountain with my family)

General Comments:

The cabin is very spacious and comfortable, although the seats are not as good after a long journey as they were in my old '87 E Class.

This is an estate (station wagon) version, but it has obviously been based on the saloon, rather than designed from scratch. This means that the load area space is not as good as it should be, with intruding suspension towers and an awkwardly shaped load bay in general. On the plus side, Lancia have included an easily lifted false floor, so that you can put a load of shopping in, close the cover and then put a big heavy pram on top, without squashing your oranges.

While the saloon version of the Kappa has a rather whale-like rear end (which I personally don't like), the estate looks more balanced, generally better accomplished, and is actually quite nice looking, if a bit dated.

While the combination of mad blue upholstery together with plastics in completely unmatched shades of grey is not exactly attractive, it does have a strangely soothing appeal.

Performance is quite good for an old pre-common rail diesel, but fuel consumption is not up to standard (I get 9 - 13 Km/Litre), it is heavy on oil (2 litres/7000 Km) and it smokes like a 1930's train under acceleration.

The ride is good for an estate, feeling smooth and well damped, and handling is actually quite tight. Again, this is probably because the car is more of a converted saloon than a bespoke estate.

Unfortunately, general little niggles and obvious cost-cutting in manufacture, manifested in the use of very cheap-looking (and easily broken) cabin plastics, and dubious reliability, spoil what is basically a good car.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2005

11th Sep 2010, 18:35

Could you please describe the engine management actuator fault in more detail? I have the same problem, and have been going on with it for a year or two now. Thanks.

14th Nov 2010, 17:54

I need an opinion. I found 2.4 TDS Kappa 1996, with 230000km. The price is good, but I don't know what to do?

Can you tell me what should I expect from it, if I buy it?


14th Nov 2010, 19:41

And I forgot to mention, the man who is selling the car took good care of it, it is fully equipped... leather seats, etc.

1996 Lancia Kappa LS 2.0 20V from Slovenia


The best car for the money you pay for second hand


- thermostat was changed at 156000 km

- sensor for Air bag faulty at 215000km

- some small things, that you can fix by yourself.

General Comments:

Great car, very reliable, comfortable, with a lot of space inside, luxurious but still cheap to service. It drives very well, it is well balanced, and also sporty kind of driving is it kind of driving. The basic 155 hp 2.0 engine is strong enough when rpm is higher than 4000. The engine sounds wonderful (5 cylinders). Ideal engine for this car is 2,4 , OK also 2.0 Turbo and 3.0 V6 is an extra class.

Now at 227000km the engine works perfectly and has no oil consumption. Still going strong.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2004

1996 Lancia Kappa LS 2.0 20v V.I.S. from Netherlands


A very sensitive buy, when bought second-hand!


Central door lock (left back door) doesn't work anymore.

My car is fitted with an LPG (or LPi) system. Incidentely, when actually driving on LPG, the info-center gives the message that there is something wrong with the 'Engine Control System'. However: as soon as I switch to normal petrol, the message disappears, so it probably has got something to do with the LPi-system.

General Comments:

Although my Kappa is almost 8 years old, it still looks very distinctive and not at all worn out.

The design and color-scheme for (especially) the dashboard looks a bit 'Japanese', which I do not like very much. The real wood on the dashboard of the Lancia Thema, my former car, has been replaced by cheap-looking 'plastic wood' on the Kappa.

Even after almost 300000 kilometers the Pullman upholstery of the interior (including the driver seat) looks like new.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2004

25th Apr 2004, 12:06

HI, I'm interested if You solve the problem with LPG indication? If the answer is YES, please tell me how? thank you.