2004 Lancia Ypsilon Argento 1.3 Multijet from Portugal


Best buy


Sparks (3 out of 4).

General Comments:

211 000 km.

No problems (only maintenance).

Run up to 180 km/h.

5.0 l/100km.

Everyone still looks at the car while I'm on the road.

Great BOSE sound system.

I had Lancias before, and this one is the best, what could I want more?

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Review Date: 28th December, 2008

10th Oct 2009, 19:29

Me again, 240 000 km... still running and still conquering hearts...

2004 Lancia Ypsilon Argento DFN 1.3 Multijet diesel from Spain


Take my word for it... stay away


The seat belts were not properly installed from new.

Door bolts come undone every few weeks. Must tighten them continuously.

The sequential gear shift gave up on me twice and took 1 month to get it repaired each time!!! NO KIDDING.

Still getting recurring gear shift problems (gears will not switch).

Now the power steering has given up on me and I am giving up on the car. If put it up for sale. Will take any price, but can't get anyone foolish enough to buy it. I will trade it in for the new Renault Clio Sport which is about to come on the market.


General Comments:

I was attracted by the looks of the car. I must admit it really looks good... if only it would work properly!!!

It's been a nightmare since I bought it. My wife doesn't want to use anymore as she is afraid it will break down any moment.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2006

11th Feb 2007, 11:08

I would stay away from A Renualt Clio if I were you. They are no great shakes on the reliability front either.

15th Dec 2013, 15:13

I have a 2004 Ypsilon 1.4 with a semiautomatic transmission, and I can hardly call it a car because it breaks down so often. I have almost 140k km, and I am ready to toss it in the trash. When the transmission locks up in gear, and the car can't be moved, that creates a very dangerous situation if you get stuck on the highway. At some other times it shifts only thru 1st and 2nd gear, and according to the book, is doing it to protect the transmission, even though there is no problem, and you have to disconnect the battery to reset the memory.

It is my first experience with Lancia, and the last one. NEVER, NEVER AGAIN.

Also, in the automatic mode, while going uphill and the car shifts to a lower gear, there is split second hesitation, the RPM goes down before it switches, and that's a real pain.

My last problem is the car starts, but refuses to shift to 1st or reverse, so you go nowhere except to the tow truck, and to the service place once again.

2004 Lancia Ypsilon Argento 1.4 16v from F.Y.R.O. Macedonia


Beautiful design and comfort combined with solid engine


Both doors start to squeak on the opening at 1000 km.

The door of the glove compartment needs slamming in order to be closed.

General Comments:

The car is surprisingly comfortable for it's size.

It is stable and reliable. I drove it for a 3 hour with speed over 160 km/h on the highway. It was smooth drive.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2004

2004 Lancia Ypsilon 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A very strong recommendation to test drive one if you get the chance


Nothing - yet.

General Comments:

Sublimely smooth performance and handling from a very solidly built car.

Gear changes have a positive and secure feel, however the clutch is a bit heavy around town.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2004

24th Jun 2004, 13:50

Where I can buy a Lancia Ypsylon in the UK. I saw many Ypsylons during my trip to Italy last April, and I would like to get one for my wife.

12th Jun 2005, 23:50

I agree that they look great and seem to have real personality (unlike most modern mini-cars) but It's such a shame that it wasn't simply badged 'Fiat Ypsilon' and sold at a more realistic price.

Lancia is no longer a maker of fine thoroughbreds, like the Fulvia and Flaminia. Therefore it is now just a name for an ordinary little Fiat.

Other than that, I rate it highly, based on its merits.

15th Jul 2006, 15:12

We recently spent 3 weeks driving through central Italy in a rented Ypsilon. After we sorted out the starting sequence and reconnected a battery cable which was not properly locked down, the car was a pleasure to drive...roomy, quiet and comfortable. We picked it up with only 8 km on the odometer, so our perspective was from the standpoint of "brand new". Would love to road test one back here in the USA.

10th Oct 2009, 19:31

I have one with 240 000 kms... can see my post, it's been a pleasure to own one!

2nd Jul 2011, 03:37

This is definitely one of my favorite cars!!!