8th Aug 2007, 02:42

Should have bought a chevy... xD.

21st Dec 2007, 11:37

I'll tell you why this foreign car owner keeps buying them.

I've owned Ford, Chevy, GMC, Chrysler, Toyota, and Lexus vehicles. Each make was purchased brand new. Toyota and Lexus were the only models that I did not require me to make a list(s) of "fixes" for the dealers to repair after the first 30 days. Why?... There weren't any!

I can't speak for other foreign make car owners, but Toyotas (currently American made) are dependable! I've driven my Realtor buddies to their Lincoln dealerships because of numerous vehicle repairs and/or recalls. They lose a lot of time and money. They're given loaner cars that they'd prefer to not escort clients in. Whenever I've needed maintenance work that required more than a couple of hours at a Toyota or Lexus dealership, I've always been issued a brand new model loaner that is comparable to what I currently drove. (Full tank of gas too).

My son has had issues with both Ford and Dodge pickup trucks. He's currently having spark plug issues on a 6 month old, fully loaded, Ford truck. He lives in the country, almost one hour from his dealer. With time and gasoline prices... you get the picture.

27th Nov 2013, 05:53

Did you not read what he wrote? The mechanics put the wrong fluid in the transmission, causing it to fail. The mechanics should also have advised to add a little ATF fluid and drain some, repeating about 3-4 times over a few weeks so as to allow any build up in the trans to dissolve and be drained out.

The vehicle was an accident damaged vehicle. Any vehicle that age is going to need things replaced; the guy said he didn't do his homework and got a lemon, that could happen with any car; Ford, Toyota, BMW, Dodge or Ferrari.

4th Dec 2013, 09:51

This model Lexus is a Toyota Camry with Lexus badging. As with all Toyotas, the quality and reliability are highly suspect. Being the most recalled cars in history should be a clue.

10th Dec 2013, 11:45

With 3 realtors in our family, the Range Rovers were the realtor vehicles. We found poor reliability. Better off picking up a Cadillac or Buick sedan to do showings.