20th Jun 2007, 18:04

I would rather be paying money to fix a Lexus than driving an ugly Chrysler Le Baron, even if it is reliable. And the people having problems with their Lexus don't maintain them properly. If a Lexus has all its services done it will go for 250K. My 1996 ES300 was traded 2 months ago with 212K miles for a new 2007 GX470. I had had no major problems with the 96 except for the needles. Car was always maintained on time at Lexus.

9th Aug 2007, 18:40

I also had a radiator crack at about 110,000 miles. The engine overheated at 150,000 & needed to be replaced.

My antenna also crapped out, & the transmission is now feeling mushy. Seems like quite a few recurring problems with this car.

30th Sep 2007, 00:23

Lexus has a 92% return customer buyback percentage-2nd highest in the auto industry next to Acura NSX's. Enjoy your lebaron. I would be worried people would confuse my sexual orientation if I drove one. Viva Lexus.

21st Dec 2007, 10:44

I have own a 93 Lexus ES300 for 14 years. Although purchased in 1993, it had 3500 executive driven miles when purchased.

It still looks and rides great. However, because of safety advances, if and when I find a make and model that measures up to my 1993 ES300's styling, front wheel drive, driving visibility, gutsy performance, and comfortable ride, I will replace it.

Yes, it has some problems. The dashboard lights were replaced several years ago, and there has since been an ongoing issue of flickering indicator bars. Also, since purchased, the ceiling dome automatically lights only when the front, not the rear, doors are opened. Lexus has not been able to fix this problem.


The screw on my remote key came loose and the button fell out. Does anyone know if it would be possible to make my key operable by removing and then installing the remote button from another 1993 ES300 into my key?