1999 Lexus IS 200 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Best lexus yet


Alloy wheels do not live up to the quality of the overall car. Continually rusting despite regular attention. One set replaced by Lexus free of charge already. Another set of wheels likely to be needed very soon.

General Comments:

An excellent drive, very comfortable.

Beats BMW man hands down.

Everything you need comes as standard. No hidden extras unlike our German friends.

You feel like you are driving something different.

A better handler than BMW or Mercedez and more nifty than its bigger brothers.

A bit hungry on the petrol, but this could be down to my driving.

I will buy again if Lexus can give me guarantees about the alloy wheels.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2002

24th Feb 2005, 13:27

It's not the way you drive your Lexus. It is crap on petrol, period. 21 around town, 35 on the motorway.

As far as beating BMW man; I have a BMW 320d with a top speed of 134, the same as yours, economy of 35/62/50 MPG, a lot of difference, and pulling power of 340ft torque, against your 144ft pounds of torque; a bit crap for a 2 litre straight 6.

As far as handling goes, well I had the IS Sport, and got rid as quick as I got it; the cabin is very noisy, terrible tyre roar. The only good thing about a Lex is its exhaust note is nearly as good as a Beemer (nearly).

16th Jul 2005, 16:35

Get real, bound to have more torque and mpg if it's a diesel. if you want to drive round in a taxi, your choice, feel sorry for you!

6th Jan 2006, 06:37

The Lexus is a better car all round, infact Lexus probably make the best cars out there.

7th Dec 2006, 20:09

Lexus are a very reliable car - they are, after all made by Toyota - it is their single most attractive attribute - the reliability that is - not the Toyota parentage! However in comparison to a 3 series BMW (the benchmark car used by Lexus when developing the IS, hence the rear wheel drive and straight six engine) the range is woefully narrow, there was no diesel version available and the quality of the interior...well, lets just say it was not great. I have driven the IS200 and the engine, while wonderfully smooth is completely gutless. The car also feels cramped and the cabin is narrow. I have had a few 3series' and it feels like a much more substantial car, heavier on the road and the diesels are very refined, very quick and very economical. It is also, by general consensus the benchmark for handling in the compact exec class. The diesels are not as refined as a straight six petrol, obviously, but they are as refined as the new IS 220D!

1999 Lexus IS 200 SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Great all round package


Stereo replaced 7 times because of the CD changer jamming, being replaced next week due to skipping.

I still get some clutch judder in stop-start traffic.

General Comments:

I got my IS200 in August '99, I'm now approaching 50K miles and I am still very happy with it.

Overall it was a good choice, great handling, looks and value.

There have been a few minor problems, but nothing that really affects the reliability of the car.

The only downside is not enough power, but I wouldn't call it slow, you just have to get used to winding it up before overtakes etc.

Gear ratios can be annoyingly short sometimes, but the overall package is superb.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2001

1999 Lexus IS 200 SE from UK and Ireland


Excellent luxury sports sedan


Alloy wheels corroded. Replaced under warranty.

Wheel hubs rusted. Replaced under warranty.

Condensation in fog lights. Replaced under warranty.

New coolant bypass tube. Replaced under warranty.

Squeaking noise from the driver's seat. Turned out to be coming from the belt buckle mechanism. Once I oiled it there was no problem.

General Comments:

Despite what seem to be many problems listed above this car is fantastic. All the problems were sorted by the dealer on the warranty even though I bought the car second hand.

With the automatic gear box the car is not as fast as I would like (pretty good about 4000 rpm), but it is a quality luxury car that has all the extras included.

My next car will be either the IS300 or a GS300.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2001