1994 Lexus LS 400 4 liter from North America


Will own this car till the wheels fall off


The leather seats have began to dry and crack.

Seat belts don't retract with a lot of force.

Tach lights have gone out.

General Comments:

I am not much of a luxury four door or big car kind of guy, but I originally got this car because it was my only option.

While I prefer small two door great handling sports cars, I have really learned to enjoy all the comforts of this car. The paint is fabulous after using a little claybar and wax. Its V8 allows you to pass anyone in the freeway or climb steep mountains without struggle. It is just so smooth over any bump, stable at any speed, and quiet in the loudest areas.

The main thing I love about this car is the reliability. The only time it didn't start was when I disconnected the battery and forgot to connect it. I also really liked the engineering and quality put into this car; I have taken apart the stereo and parts of the engine compartment, and it's just amazing how much quality was put into this car.

I will probably fix some of its cosmetic problems when I have a better job, and then drive it for a long time.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2010

1994 Lexus LS 400 4.0L / V8; 32 valve from North America


LS400 with only 210,000 miles?


The only downfall I can find to this car is the climate control display has a known failure in its L.C.D. display - yet works perfectly even if you cannot dial in an exact temperature that you can easily see. (unfortunately mine has this issue)

General Comments:

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am a mechanic who owns his own shop;I work on a variety of vehicles from fleet vans, Mercedes, Cadillac, to Yugo's. I have to say that the style of the LS400 is appealing, but was not my first choice in the looks department, although it is certainly classy and distinctive - just not my first choice in body line design. (then it grows on you very quickly because it is so distinctive)

Mine is a pearl white with tan interior, basically 210K miles, and runs better and smoother than most any car within its class, while looking almost as new as it it did in 1994! (even with that amount of wear and use age)

I've known and serviced this car for the last 50K miles, know the original owner who did minor maintenance to the car from driving it off the dealer's lot - which was better than the last owner of the vehicle for the past two yrs who did nothing to it, but put gas in it.

The first timing belt/water pump was done at aprox 170K, has had brakes, tires, etc for normal wear items, yet nothing that is out of the ordinary to replace on any car that is on the road. (if anything it has less repairs than cars 1/3 of its mileage)

The interior is worn, yet sturdy with no rips or sags in the foam (feels like new, and a good cleaning would be an improvement!) The body has no signs of rust or rot, and living in New England, this is a plus.

What sold me the most was the ride. Drive this car even as short as 1/4 mile, and you will sell yourself on this car. It is an experience that sells itself. (basically, the car says to you..."when do we go home?")

I have a customer with a Mercedes S420, very similar in size, shape, drive train, etc. and both cars have the same age and cash value. (his has less mileage) I like the ride and feel of the Lexus better. (and before the Lexus I liked his car... A lot!)

If Lexus only built the LS400 like this 94, they would have gone out of business for lack of replacement sales - no one would get rid of the one they got!

My wife wanted another Firebird till I convinced her to test the Lexus; now she wants a bow on it for X-Mas just like the commercials! (go figure!)

Do yourself a favor, keep your mechanic happy and DO NOT BUY a Lexus!!! (he'll be out of business or become an oil change only specialist!!)

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Review Date: 14th October, 2007

29th Jul 2010, 23:04

I have a 94 LS400 with 221000 on it. I have put 190000 of those on it over 13 years; no breakdowns, service only, the best.


1994 Lexus LS 400 4.0 V8 from UK and Ireland


A stately home on wheels for a fraction of the cost, still looks good today


Wiper linkage assembly, failed just after I purchased the car, although the dealer did say he had a new one on order, and that the work had to be done. Sure enough, it was done without fuss.

General Comments:

A serious car for the money, makes it an ideal lazy mans/enthusiasts sound second hand buy. Excellent value for money. The main dealer service levels don't stop just because the car is getting older, or second hand. Fuel economy not nearly as bad as everybody expects for 4.0 V8 - approximately 25-30 MPG on a run if you take her steady.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2001

1994 Lexus LS 400 from North America


Eveything from power windows to the power brake, run the stupid car to the dealer every day off that I have.

General Comments:

Stay..... away.... from this car.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2000

25th Sep 2001, 18:17

Everyone else including me says exactly the opposite. Does this guy have shares in Mercedes-Benz or something?

29th Oct 2001, 19:55

I think he got his Yugo review mixed in with the Lexus ones!

25th Jan 2002, 01:05

Best car in the world according to JD Power, where did this guy come from?

20th Jan 2006, 00:53

Maybe the reviewer picked the car up from a lake?!