1998 Lexus LS 400 4.0 V8 290hp 300tq from North America


One of the finest vehicles ever made


I'm at 140,000 miles now and have put over 32,000 miles on it since I purchased it. In that time I have had to change a brake light, turn the front rotors and that's it.

Before I bought it, the timing belt, water pump, and spark plugs were changed at around 100,000 miles.

I would say nothing has gone wrong with the car, because everything done so far is just regular maintenance.

General Comments:

The car has a small but very strong engine (4.0 V8 290hp). It is very quick for its size, and I have timed a few 0-60 times in 6.2-6.4 range. It is amazing how smooth, undramatic, and effortless the motor is, even when accelerating hard. You can balance a coin on the motor and rev it without the coin falling over!

The transmission is very smooth and has 5 speeds, which really help with gas mileage. I average about 23 mpg all together.

The ride quality is great, very smooth. It is not very crisp, but is very capable of taking on corners when asked to.

I personally like the styling of the car, though many feel otherwise. Its not flashy like a BMW or 'showy' like a Mercedes. It has a more handsome understated look outside which hide its true characteristics. On the inside is where the LS400 really outshines its competitors.

The interior is very quiet at cruising speeds and at idle. So quiet I have forgotten the engine was even on a few times, it's scary quiet. The leather inside is of good quality. After 140,000 miles the driver seat has only minor wear and tear. The wood is very rich and has a quality feel as well. All of the features are still working flawlessly even after 11 years. The most amazing thing to me is how at 140,000 miles there are still NO rattles or vibrations inside. This car is superbly put together.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2009

1998 Lexus LS 400 4.0L V8 from North America




Not much gone wrong since I got the car in Aug 08...

I've put about 16k+ on it, and the only major issue has been the battery going weak and frying the starter.. not a cheap repair, but it was probably the original battery.

Currently replacing a stuck right front caliper.. again must be the original and probably got stuck to due to the massive use of salt in my province! (shakes head)

Other than that, it's a BEAUTIFUL car! So very comfortable and quiet.. you can have a conversion on the phone and there is NO wind noise or background noise.. true story!

I admit that the cost to repair things are not cheap, but this car is so durable compared to my Merc ($ pit!) that I don't mind. My father has a 91 with 370k on it and he has not had to do really anything major on it other than a recent shock job, so I decided to pick up this one and I will not look back to getting a Merc again unless they make them as reliable as these cars..

Next one will be an LS430! And I'll hand this one to my father!

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2009

22nd Oct 2012, 07:46

Hello all.. I'm the original reviewer giving an update on the car after 4 years of ownership. I still have the car, and it now has just over 273,000km on it. Overall this car has not let me down, and I have never been stranded since the battery issue I mentioned in my first review.

The main issues with this car are suspension. I have replaced upper and lower control arms at the front, twice on the passenger side, and once on the driver's side. I have had a broken rear spring and control arm on the passenger side.

One HID bulb blew and cost $115.. I was more than a little surprised at that.

The obligatory brake pads/rotors and oil changes.

The bumper cover needs a third paint job... for some reason the paint chips quite easily... and the wheels have just also been to the paint shop.

It has and continues to be a really nice highway car... I have used it to go back and forth to work 2 years running... which is why the car has so many kms on it, and everyone who has ridden in the car that doesn't know much about cars, and Lexus in particular, is amazed at what year the car is... I have kept the interior in top shape with conditioner and cleaner once/week in summer, and a couple of doses in winter.. which is what this car is not good in... The car comes with traction control, but even with good snow tires, it slides quite a bit in snowy conditions.. and I do not drive like a moron!

I still get offers to sell the car, despite the age and mileage!

Overall, I am still satisfied with the car, and I intend to keep it for a bit yet :)