2003 Lexus LS 430 from North America


Luxury is Lexus


Replaced the battery at 29,000 miles, and another battery at 58,000 miles.

Replaced the center brake light bulb at 31,000 miles.

Replaced front brake pads and serpentine belts at 41,000 miles.

Has the windshield spray removed and cleaned at 41,000 miles.

Replaced the driver's front side fog light bulb at 44,000 miles.

Had rear brakes pads replaced at 46,000 miles.

Replaced left and right side view mirror motor replaced at 51,000 miles. Warranty work

Replaced front passenger's side power door lock assembly at 59,000 miles. Warranty work

Replaced lower and upper radiator hose, Toyota thermostat, eight Denso spark plugs (SK20R11), flushed radiator and filled with factory red fluid, automatic transmission service with new gasket, filter and Toyota Type 4 fluid,

General Comments:

I think the Lexus LS 430 is luxury with a low operating cost.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2011