2009 Lexus LS 460L 4.6 V8 from North America


Luxury at its absolute finest!


Nothing has one wrong in the 5000 miles I've had it. I needed a duplicate key, that was taken care of in about an hour wait at Lexus of Tulsa, who treated me like I just bought a new LS460 from them!

General Comments:

So, let me start with what I call the not so good, which is not bad, just different, and no real fault of the manufacturer, more about my taste. Having been a driver of Mercedes, I really like the feel of the road as I drive. I like a car to make me want to go out and drive it. The LS460L is not that type of car. The ride is "homely", but when pushed, it does respond and eat some highway. Also, because of having so much sportiness in the previous problem plagued C43, I notice the gearing in the LS doesn't allow it to respond the way I've come to like cars to do. The LS almost seems to have a slight hesitation on initial acceleration.

Now, this car has been my dream vehicle since I first laid eyes on one. I am 6'4 and one of the reasons I parted with the C43 is because it's too small, and I'm a bit too old for it. This long version LS has MASSIVE interior room! 3 adults of good size can indeed ride comfortably in the back! I can let the front seat all the way back, get in the back seat and my knees won't touch the back part of the front seat.

Even though this car already had 99k miles, everything works as they should. I travel back roads going to work where there is no shoulder, and passing lanes are short, so to pass, you need real power to get you past farmer Brown who's taking hay to the pasture on his pick up truck at 40mph. The AMG I had would from 50mph before passing, get to 100mph so quick, it was unthinkable. Well, the LS does the same thing! Just not the same way, but it does growl a little.

I will say, the Mark Levinson stereo is not what it seemed to be advertised as. It's not bad, but is nowhere near what the extra few thousand dollars says it should be.

The ride comfort is unmatched unless you're buying a Rolls, and even then, I don't know how much better it can get beyond the LS.

Now, here's what I find really fascinating, the car averages close to 26 MPG on the roads and highways I take. I didn't expect that from an almost 5000lb car!

It is very safe feeling, and I already know Lexus cars can take a punch as, many years back I had an LS400 that I hit a concrete barrier at 60mph in, and I came out just a little shook, and the car was still running, and I was able to pull it over to the shoulder.

We also own, a Cadillac DTS (great car!), a Cadillac Escalade (fantastic too), Buick Park Avenue (can't be beat for reliability, fuel economy, and ride in the price range), but the LS really is a better car than all these when considering all the things that come with the car. They all have a different feel, different kind of ride, but I will say, even the Park Avenue is a more "lively" ride than the LS. The 2010 DTS is a true sport/luxury car that makes you want to punch it, and the 2009 Escalade believe it or not, is a very exciting drive, nice engine rumble, but without the level of ride comfort you'd think it would have, but enough not to sell it. Again, the LS is above these in my opinion, simply because it has everything the others have, then some. It's going to be our road trip car, and my twice a week to work car. I plan to drive it until it can't be driven anymore.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2018

18th Jul 2018, 21:33

Recently visited my local high desert Carmax and tried out a few of their cars.

One was a 2009 Lexus LS460L they advertised. Turned out it wasn't a L version, which is some type of extended version of the car. The car originally was priced over $60,000 dollars depending on the options on it. This one at Carmax was $13,888 plus fees and taxes, which in California adds another 10-12 percent to the vehicle. It was a very nice car with a few flaws, at least on this used car.


Smooth riding car... in fact one of the smoothest cars I have ever been in.

Very quiet ride; very little noise got through to me while driving the car.

Very smooth 4.6 380hp engine.

Quiet luxury with simple straightforward controls.

Very nice seats with every type of control on them.

Smooth transmission.

Strong A/C

Strong nice stereo.

Simple straightforward nav system.


Paint not holding up well.

Exterior panels of the car not holding up well.

Engine is strong, but there is no way it's 380HP... more like 320HP... at least on this used model.

Transmission was smooth, but refused to get into lower gears when pressed; only from the start did I really get going in first gear... once moving it didn't like to downshift into a lower gear.

Headlights on the car were turning yellow.

Interior fit and finish not up to par with some of the other older Lexus I have driven in the past.

Had a very weird type electronic emergency brake system... wasn't necessary and was overkill.

All in all a very nice car, and with the money saved you could get a paint job, get new headlights and fix up some of the little flaws. These cars are coming on the dealer lots at very good prices. The ones I have seen are the 2007/2008/2009/2010 models. No doubt you could get a very clean one at a good price. Cleaner than the one I drove.