15th Oct 2002, 10:52

Hey Halifax Lexus owner.

Bummer about the crappy treatment you get at the Lexus dealership. I moved to the USA for work and find the service not much better even at 37 yrs. of age!!! I owned a 1991 LS400 and hope to purchase another soon. I had same problem with LCD clock/temp bar, but the car drove beautifully - even on the 15" wheels! I had to replace a rear brake caliper (US $ 95.00) and a fog light bulb (US $ 42.00). Had I been smarter, I'd have matched the bulb at a local parts store for US $4.00 and put it in myself ; it's easy! It's also easy to change filters/fluids to save on BIG $$$$, even at a Toyota dealership.

Hope you continue to have pleasure out of your car. Don't let the weird looks from people who see you driving it bother you. They're JEALOUS 'cause the name LEXUS is now an ingrained status symbol in society. I much prefer the early 90's models for their smoother lines, when they changed styles - chopped the hood length - the cars looked uglier!

Good Luck with future Lexus's!!

12th Aug 2003, 16:14

Good review on the LS400.

I'm 15 and ever since I saw a 94 LS400 parked near my house I knew that would be the car I would get when I was older.

People who make snide comments about your car are probably jealous because they are driving about in crappy Ford Escorts and Nissan Micra's.

2nd Jan 2006, 13:33

You might find a used compressor on eBay.com and have your local mechanic effect the repair. Also, which hose failed on your power steering? I had a leak and replaced the PS pump, and the leak returned one month later. The Lexus dealer told me my rack and pinion is bad, so I decided to add fluid every other month until I really figure out what the problem is.


29th May 2006, 21:21

I own a 1992 Lexus SC400, which has the same engine and transmission as LS400. For a 19 year old, I think the SC400 is a cooler car if you're looking for a sportier look. BTW, thank you for the URL for http://www.lextreme.com.

30th May 2006, 19:28

I have an SC400 also. Great car for a first car. Its cheap, reliable, and safe. My parents bought me this car for my 16th birthday. It has 48000 original miles. Original owners pampered the car. Having the car serviced at Lexus is a lot, but worth if for the treatment you get.

13th Mar 2008, 15:58

I have 2 cars. An 2005 Merc-Benz SL AND MY 92 Lexus LS400. As magnificent as the Merc is, I get as much pleasure and enjoyment from driving the Lexus as I do the Merc. The Mercedes 500SL cost me around $70,000-the Lexus cost me $3,400!!

It was a one owner and extremely well taken care of by the gentleman who unfortunatly had to sell it after suffering a stroke. The car rides like it is on a cloud and the comfort and room are a pleasure on the 70 mile round trip on I-95 between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The stereo is superb and in the 2 plus years I`ve had the car I have done nothing to it other than regular oil and fluid changes. The mechanics who work on it always remark on the great condition of the car. I`m very fortunate to be able to enjoy a car as fabulous as the Mercedes 500SL, but theres something even MORE satisfying in driving the Lexus. Its older and certainly not as nimble, beautiful or as responsive as the Merc but its quieter, nicer-riding and smoother than the SL. I get great satisfaction from the bulletproof build quality and overall feel of the Lexus and obviously, it is the single greatest bargain of anything I have ever owned in my entire life.I`ll leave you all with this... when I have the choice between which of these 2 cars I can take out, whether its to the supermarket or a buisness trip or a night out...It's a HARD DECISION!!! Viva Lexus!!!

5th Feb 2010, 18:13

It seems to be a very small world - I live in the GTA and own a 1993 LS400 with 418,000 kilometers on the clock.

My display for the climate control and the clock are not working - hardly a surprise - but other wise the car is BRILLIANT!

The Lexus dealer in the town where I work could be the only reason not to buy another Lexus - the only way to describe the attitude of the dealer principal and the staff would be "pompous morons", and it is a shame that Toyota does not do anything about it.

Btw: I am 62 and the treatment you get from the dealer in N.S. has NOTHING to do with your age, it seems to be a trademark of these dealers, they probably think they do us a favor by selling their cars to us...

26th Feb 2011, 22:15

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you all that I'm 18 years old driving a black on black Lexus SC400 with the vvti in it. The power is unbelievable for a 1998. I feel like king of the road every time I drive it. It's beautiful and extremely smooth. I'll drive this over any Mercedes around the same generation. I have raced Dodge and Chrysler 5.7L hemi's and smoked their asses. I feel lucky to have a car like this. It's the best color combination with wood grain all over. It's amazing.