29th Jun 2006, 05:36

...it's too bad Mercedes can't imitate the quality and reliability of Lexus though...

2nd Jul 2006, 21:11

The Lexus LS430 is a monster. A long wheel base sedan that gets you to 60mph in under 6 seconds is pretty unbelievable. I previously owned a Mercedes S430. I paid $35,000 more for the Mercedes. The Mercedes had 15 less horsepower, weighed 500 more pounds, and had trouble reaching 60 mph in under 7 seconds. You would think a car from GERMANY could put up some sort of a fight with a car from JAPAN!!!

The Lexus LS430 was a great bang for the buck. It comes standard with a lot of luxury equipment, and is quick off the line. You would have to pay $70,000 more for a Mercedes S600 that could maybe keep up with the Lexus LS430. Mercedes is the best car on the road, but they should not waste their money making long-wheelbase sedans. Lexus should keep making long-wheelbase sedans.

13th Aug 2006, 08:36

I have a 2001 LS430 Ultra model with the grey wood interior trim.

The steering wheel has turned greenish black and so has the shift knob. The steering wheel also has small cracks all over, so it feels rough when driving.

The other wood parts on the dash and sides are still grey.

I have to assume they must have used a different material for the wheel and shifter that is damaged by the sun. I suppose I could avoid this by not using the car in daylight.

My LS400 never had a problem like this.

I took it to 2 local dealers, but they said it could be replaced for $3000. This seems like poor quality for an $11,000 Ultra option.

28th Aug 2007, 18:03

I've recently bought myself a 2001 Lexus LS430 with only 55K miles. The previous owner had kept the car in excellent condition & I'm truly enjoying this beautiful car which has the Ultra Luxury Package! I've always have had Lexus cars & this is the best so far!

I just need to replace those noisy DUNLOP tires it came with, with much quieter & smoother riding tires, and then I'm set for a nice, long & peaceful journey!

I strongly believe LEXUS is a much better built car (quality, reliability, style, elegance etc) than any European built cars! Once you test drive a LEXUS LS430, you'll want to buy one!!!

Tenzin from Seattle, WA.

25th Jan 2008, 19:07

Obviously most of the comments on here are advertisements from someone paid to comment like that.

28th Aug 2008, 22:59

Look, I see a lot of these comments refering to the Lexus not looking as good as the Benz, and I agree. BUT, I have owned both of these cars and there is NO comparison. The Benz may have the looks, but that is ALL that it has over the Lex. My S-class was a gorgeous machine and all of those looks meant absolutely nothing while it was always in the shop. My father has owned Lexus LS's since '92 and has always tried to talk me into one. Finally I listened. This LS430 is the most reliable and luxurious machine on the road. Period.

...and it's 15 to 20 grand LESS.