2010 Lexus RX 350 3.5 V6 petrol from Latvia


Nice handling, fast SUV, which is not afraid of snow and mud



Had to add a rear fog light to get an EU certificate (the car is from the US).

Still have to reprogram the NAVI system, radio and temperature units for European standards.

Did an LPG (autogas) conversion. The car is VERY thirsty on gas.

General Comments:

Lexus has made a good rival for BMW X5.

The Lexus RX350 is very powerful, very fast, and has a very firm suspension.

Which is a bit of a pain – it has R19 wheels, and on bumpy roads, you cannot expect a firm ride.

The good thing - it handles like a normal car, you can go rather fast on curves without swinging around.

The car can do some off roading too - it has a good AWD system, and is not afraid of deep snow, steep hills and some mud. Has a button to turn off the stability and traction, and to do some diff locking.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2012

2010 Lexus RX 350 from North America


Very disappointed for the price

General Comments:

Very disappointed. The console is not built for safety, efficiency and luxury that I use to think Lexus was known for. My IS300 was designed and engineered superior to the new RX350.

The console is a black hole with a bucket in it. I guess it is the only place to place anything, and then you are stuck with a grab bag when you want to retrieve your selected items.

You must remove the bucket in order to use any USB, re-chargables, etc.; just unbelievable.

My IS300 had everything at the drivers fingertips. Plug ins were directly in front of me. Every extra space they used for the drivers convenience, not the 350. Nowhere to put glasses, pens, pads, notes, checkbook, cells, gas cards, tokens, money, change, you name it, and look at the difference in size in these two vehicles, what a disappointment. My understanding is they want to target men, so something more boxy like a pick-up. Most of the men I asked said they wanted the flatbed, and that is why they have a pickup (Lexus should just make a pickup then), and many cabs in pickups are more efficient and have extras Lexus 350 does not.

Safety with the seat heaters is an example. In front of driver or on the side, so fingertip accessible, not turn around to the black hole and slide it back, then turn cheap plastic knobs... push buttons like my IS, and the amount of push sets the heat intensity. The black hole flips upward, making it very inaccessible and dangerous. I guess just pull over every time you need something. I was told the engineers couldn't figure out how to do many of these things anymore, because the navigation is so large. So why not redesign the console completely?

The gutted out hole underneath the console is another unbelievable joke. They said it's for women's purses. Haven't found one woman that can get her purse jammed in there unless you stand outside, put your seat all the way back, reach across the floor and jam it! Not accessible for anything you need at your fingertips. Again, maybe use to throw pens and pads, but again, get outside and on the floor to reach it, because your seat blocks it. My husband said he has more accessible areas for his items in his old pickup truck than the 350.

I heard that 65% of the owners of the 350 are women. Guess what, every woman I showed that owns a 350 2009 or less, will not be getting a 350 when they purchase their next vehicle. The driver's seat and everything around the driver should be top concern, and Lexus was completely disappointing in the 350. I'm not looking for features from an LX at that price, these are on all their competitors, and even those not near the price of a Lexus. I'm looking for a different SUV immediately, and may not be a Lexus owner ever again if I'm happy with my replacement.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2011