10th May 2004, 02:03

The 2004, Lexus RX 300 or 330, are both from the same track... performance good, quiet interior, roomy, gas good, however body style on the 2004 RX was somewhat a shock... more rounded--spaced ship shape for the future to come... More shocking was the Sticker Price... too High for such an moderate suv/bug...try me in the year 2006, lets see what you got Lexus, you can do better...

8th Aug 2004, 07:22

I love my RX330! I am always surprised when I read the comments of others and see they are displeased. I had a MB SLK prior and it was very loud on the road. Now I can drive and hear only my music or book on tape rather listen to others radios. I also like the additional power outlets and the ease of use with the Navigation computer. This is by far the best performing car I have ever driven. I looked at several other SUVs, but they all had a problem, of either poor interior quality, bad turning radius or difficutly seeing out the rear window for someone who is well below 6'. With my Lexus I have no issues and the service people are just so friendly. There are so many reasons to love my Lexus that I know my next car will be a Lexus as well.

6th Oct 2004, 11:41

It is a travesty that a company with the reputation of Lexus will not respond to the thousands of complaints about the transmission on the RX330. This does not really surprise me because everyone in this country is only out to get a buck and Lexus is probably thinking the same thing. Whatever happened to a company admitting their mistakes and fixing them? I guess I am from the old school and have a hard time understanding the thought processes of these "new generation" people and companies.

I had seriously considered buying an RX330 until reading these reviews. Looks like the Honda Pilot is my winner! I can guarantee you that this transmission is as solid as a rock. Way to go Lexus!!

20th Nov 2004, 12:27

I am attracted to the "look" of the Lexus 330, however I am not attracted to buying a lemon. I guess that I'll try Honda--again. My Honda has 155k miles without transmission problems!

26th Dec 2005, 00:31

I do agree Lexus needs to admit they have problems. My 1999 RX300 transmission went out. They paid for half of a rebuilt one. So many people have had this problem. The transmission needs to be recalled. After that I traded for a 2001 LS430. Wow what a car. Its such a large car I feel like I am driving an SUV. I am a Lexus driver for life, no matter what happens. I started with my 1994 LS400 in 97 when I turned 16. I had that car for 225,000 miles. I sold that and went out in 99 and bought my RX. I was happy with that for 150,000 till the transmission went out. I bought a certified LS430. Most people think I am a little young to drive a car like this, but the business I am in requires it, which is real estate. Lexus is always going to be my car. Look at the people with Mercedes who get 50,000 miles out of them. Haha what a joke. I know Mercedes is prestigious for the SNOBS out there, but all they are is driving a Chrysler. Look in the door it doesn't say manufactured by Mercedes benz like it use to, it says manufactured by Daimler Chrysler. So think about what your going to get. Comparing a Honda to a Lexus isn't right. I could see you comparing Honda to Toyota, but not Honda to Lexus. Think about what your looking at. Lexus needs to stick with making cars not SUVs, its not there thing.

30th Dec 2005, 02:48

I agree! Little rich boy. Haha.

29th Jun 2006, 16:30

Rich boys are entitled to their opinions too!! Don't be jealous because you were driving a rusted out pontiac when you were 16. Get a grip! I had a a Ford Tempo for my first car and this post didn't offend me!!