1996 Lexus SC 400 V8 from North America


Smooth, Sleek, Comfortable and Fast


Leaking Water Pump.

Alternator went at 110,000 kms.

Cracked AC Vent.

Rear-mounted CD Player gave out.

Condensation in Front Headlights.

Passenger door malfunction (Broken link rod clip which made it impossible to open from the outside)

Minor wear in the leather seats.

Crack in the valve cover (Previous accident)

General Comments:

I bought this car as a rebuild, it had been in a previous front-end collision on the passenger side. As soon as I bought the car I got new brakes and had to fix the water pump. I drove it for a couple of months and then an oil leak caused my alternator to seize which, I believe, was caused from the accident and never addressed.

With these minor repairs aside, this car has been an absolute joy to drive. The interior is in excellent condition considering its 11 years old and all electronics are working (apart from the CD Changer).

This car is deceptively fast and it seems no matter how fast you go, very rarely do you get a shake in the steering wheel. When idling, its difficult to tell if the car is running because its so quiet, but all you have to do is mash the gas and the roar of that V8 comes into play and a smile slides across your face.

As an automatic V8, I find the car to be a little sluggish off the line, but as soon as I hit highway speeds it really opens up.

In snowy conditions I leave the SC at home because I know its not going to get anywhere without a couple hundred pounds in the trunk and some good snow tires. But it only snows here a couple weeks out of the year so, for me, its not really an issue.

I've had this car dealer serviced since I bought it a year ago and the repairs definitely add up (I'm not really mechanically minded) Alternator ($700) Timing belt ($1000) Good ceramic brakes ($500). But if you don't mind taking a hit in the pocket every once and awhile, its definitely worth it!

Overall, I would recommend this car to anyone. Its smooth, its sleek, its comfortable and its got balls.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2007

3rd Jul 2007, 02:41

I have nothing against you and your flawless Porsche.. I just looked at a lot of SCs with pretty terrible interiors.. I'm certainly not a kid, but thanks for the lesson Grandad.

2nd Dec 2007, 10:17

What was the purpose of that first reponse??? I think the author was just looking for a place to brag about his Porche. Anyway, I beg to differ. I (t is NOT just the miles, but the age as well. Things will age just sitting. Sometimes they age more quickly just sitting. That goes for people as well as cars.

27th Jan 2009, 21:07

I prefer the SC over an old 944.

28th May 2010, 15:50

Age kills cars just as quickly as miles. Gaskets dry out, rubber cracks, plastic dries out. It's not fair to compare the reliability of a mid 80's Porsche to that of an upscale Toyota. Just read JD powers. I have worked in the automotive industry for 25 years as a technician, then service advisor; that is the reason I own a 97' Lexus SC400. If I owned a tow truck, I might consider an old Porsche.

12th Jul 2010, 11:58

Fellows, I own a 968 (1995) and a SC400 (1994, I have owned these beauties for over 6 years).

I have put more money in to the 968 on a yearly basis (that I drive sparingly) than I have spent on the SC400 over 4 year period. My $$$$$ records on these cars does not even compare. While I may love the body and the manual 6 spd of the 968, I believe the SC400 out classes it: performance, comfort, upkeep, power, aging too...

OOOOh man! That manual 6 spd (the only reason I am still holding on to the 968).

Sorry Porsche lovers. I am just keeping it real. Remember that I love Porsche too but I vote SC400 as a better car by far!

16th Oct 2010, 22:38

I too have a 968 6-speed that I've owned for 11 years. In those 11 years, I've spent about $17k in repairs and maintenance, and covered 30k miles. It costs me about $ 1,500/ year in repairs and maintenance. I consider that a little high, but I do like the style and rarity of the car. I don't know much about the SC300/400, but am looking into them.

1996 Lexus SC 400 4.0 V8 from North America


Bought right they can't be beat


Starter replaced at 36,000.

Front drive shaft bearing replaced at 45,000 (fluttered).

A/C condenser valve replaced at 46,000.

Battery replaced at 50,000.

Driver's seat belt retractor needs replacement at 56,000.

Unknown clunking sound with right turn followed by single clunk on return to center. Dealership confirms problem, but can't locate source - wants to dismantle dashboard!

General Comments:

While not a true sports car, these coupes are quite fast and precise with a quiet cabin.

Good examples of these cars can look and drive like new but the long nosed body is starting to look very dated.

Both service and repair costs remain priced in the $50,000 car bracket.

Insurance rates seem stuck in 1990's when this 260HP car was really fast - but now 300HP for a small sedan is the norm.

I've had the car for 3 years (added a mere 10,000 miles) in which the only needed repairs were a battery and the two listed uncompleted items.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2005