1974 Leyland P76 Super 4.4 Alloy V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Under rated Australian Classic


The original Automatic gearbox lost all of the forward gears after doing a sequence of monster burnouts in it.

It ran quite hot when in heavy traffic until I had a decent 3 core radiator fitted.

Front drivers side wheel collapsed due to the wheel bearings seizing.

General Comments:

The car was purchased for $400 and has provided me with a lot of enjoyment at a tiny price.

I have never lost a street race in the car despite having some very exotic and powerful machinery having a crack at it.

The car has one the respect of my friends who laughed at me when seeing the car for the first time. It is now the preferred mode of transport for Saturday night cruising.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2002

15th Sep 2004, 06:37

I find it hard to believe that a P76 fitted with a BW35 can do a monster burn-out! First gear does not have a low enough ratio nor does the torque convertor have a high enough stall speed.

4th Feb 2005, 00:48


The BW isn't up to it, but the Awesome Motor makes up for it until the Auto lets go! I have done them two including one famous one at summernats that was enhanced with some colored smoke... P76 - simply awesome!

17th Nov 2005, 21:27

Burnouts with a bw 35 can be done under the right conditions!!

Remember this car weighs less than a v8 torana!! power to weight my boy.

16th Jan 2007, 02:13

Huh? My very stock 1973 V8 Executive burns out statically without the brake pedal - Low Stall Speed Borg / Warner box maybe, but tyre smoke in abundance.

In the late 70's my terribly irresponsible P - Plater friends started buying (and trashing) the then, very cheap P76s for the sole purpose of burnouts.

1974 Leyland P76 Executive 4.4 all alloy V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Weird, but fun


The mechanical clutch linkages gradually disintegrated because the mounting brackets were too weak.

The power steering pump constantly leaked.

A head had to be replaced because the plug threads were so damaged that a spark plug blew out of the head and dented the bonnet!

General Comments:

This car has ridiculously good handling for a worn out old heap, because the suspension is better designed than its competitors, and because even though it looks so big it should weigh near 2 tonnes, it only weighs 1250kg!

These cars have a reputation in Australia as a lemon, but that is for reasons other than design.

It is serious fun blowing away drivers who were sitting at the lights laughing at your choice of car!

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Review Date: 5th May, 2002

15th May 2002, 05:04

My parents had two P76 Executives back in the '80s. The first had to be sold as my 3 yr old brother crawled in and yanked the gear shift out of park while it was parked on a gradient. It ended up down a bank (he was OK) and although repaired was never the same. It ended up being stolen from the dealer and the cops recovered it burnt out with engine missing, probably because the alloy V8 was quite sought after. The second one suffered from power-steering, auto choke and auto trans problems and parts were getting very hard to find. They ended up trading it in a used Jap import Mitsubishi, which had been clocked, but ran beautifully when it worked, which wasn't very often. Maybe should have kept the P76. I still get a pang of nostalgia whenever I see one, which unfortunately isn't very often.