1993 Leyland DAF 200 City 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Does what it says on the tin


Steering box has had it.

Rear spring hangers rusty.

Noisy clutch release bearing.

Rotten back doors.

Worn kingpins.

Propshaft centre bearing worn.

Alternator low on efficiency.

General Comments:

OK, all the above comments are to be expected for a hard-worked elderly commercial vehicle; none of this detracts from the fact it was a reliable, cheap to run vehicle, that never actually let me down, ever.

A "development" of the already primitive when launched 1974 Leyland Sherpa, the Leyland DAF 200 was the third incarnation of the marque, following the K2 Freight Rover of 1982; the main difference being the rear lights, front grille and the fitment of the 2.0 Perkins Prima diesel engine.

General comments? Quite a harsh ride, whether loaded or not, thanks to front beam axle and stiff springing, cornering is interesting.. It tends to lift a back wheel if cornering at relatively low speeds.

Performance is very poor; this is from the generation of vans where they were seriously slow going up hills. It has only 60bhp and it shows. Top speed is maybe 70 mph on good day, but it's far happier at 60, at which speed it's doing a comfortable 38-40 MPG - very impressive.

All the above faults seem to have developed in a very short space of time, leading to it being scrapped, but in the time I had it, I grew to really like it, foibles and all. It had character in spades, but less likeable was the attention it drew from the police, who had trouble believing something so shonky looking was road legal.

I was always staggered that this model of van lasted as long as 1993, let alone becoming the similar Pilot; they really are primitive.

This means that working on them is a doddle - I did the kingpins at home in a couple of hours; sadly I am not prepared to spend so much money on it to repair the other faults.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2011

5th Oct 2018, 14:47

I have had one; where can I buy another one?