12th Mar 2005, 21:00

I'm considering buying a '98 - '02 Continental, I agree it's a great car at a great price. Just one thing... I'd appreciate comments on gas mileage. When I read claims of 25, 26, even 28 mpg, I wonder if this is from the dash display, or if it has been checked the old fashioned way of tracking miles driven vs gallons at the pump. I have much more confidence in the gas pump. Calibration of the sensor for the dash display is likely no better than +-10%.

Any comments appreciated.


30th Nov 2005, 16:56

Another update to my original post. The odometer just turned 124,000 miles, and the car still runs great! There have been no mechanical issues since my last update, and the highway mileage using regular unleaded is still good at 24-25mpg.

For the previous poster, yes this mileage figure is using the computer. I did check the computer against hand calculations when I first bought the car and it was dead-on accurate. I have no reason to doubt that the computer is giving me accurate readings within 1-MPG.

I will need to put new tires on before long as my Michelins X-ones have about 63k on them, but they still drive and handle just fine. Other than that, regular oil changes every 4k miles and transmission fluid/coolant changes every 50k miles. I'm probably going to keep the car another 2-3 years and run it up to 175k-200k miles. When that time comes I'm tempted to replace it with a used '02 Continental, but I really like the Lincoln LS as well!

16th Dec 2005, 16:13

My 98 Continental has 70k miles on it. The car is reliable, powerful and luxurious. Very minor repair history and tires as needed. Truly a great car for the money. Best of all it's American made!

9th Nov 2006, 17:34

I have a 98' continental and I love it! what surprised me the most is it's power and it roars on takeoff. it handles very well at high speeds. it is very luxurious with leather, heated seats, climate control, and power everything. it has excellent trunk space. I bought it for 8,500$ with 85,000 miles unbelievable inside and out. I was wondering if I should keep it or sell it befor it messes up?

7th Oct 2009, 01:45

To the guys wondering about gas mileage, my 97' gets 23.5 on the highway and 15 ish in the city. And that's with a faulty O2 sensor. But I doubt it would improve it much. It's a heavy car with a V8, crappy gas mileage is a given.

4th Nov 2009, 17:04

1998 Lincoln Continental. Replaced fuel pump at 140k kilometers (about 80k miles), ($850.00) due to dirty fuel filter. My fault, should be changed every 50k miles!

Car has 140k kilometers (85k miles) and runs like new. Good gas mileage for what it is. 33 highway miles per gallon Canadian, (we have bigger gallons than Americans).

I like the car, only one problem. Car alarm goes off whenever it feels like it. Damned annoying at 3 A.M., but only if parked in the driveway or on the street, not in the garage. I am trying to track this problem down.

5th Lincoln I have had, not the best one, but better than most other cars on the road. Great dollar value, for what I paid.

29th Jun 2010, 18:04

I have a 1998 Lincoln Continental car alarm problem like the owner above. Does anyone have the solution? Otherwise, a 45K mile cream puff.

25th Oct 2010, 12:23

I have a 1998 Continental. I bought it in 2001 with 39K miles on it. I now have 227K on it, and it is still running very good.

I have done the normal front end stuff; ball joints, stabilizers, but no shocks. I have replaced the dual engine cooling fans, water pump.

I have done my own work, so the cost has been been low for maintenance. The body is still in great shape, and people are never sure what year it is. This has been a great car for me, and I would buy another if I could. I am going for 300K miles!!!

4th Mar 2011, 15:24

I am the guy with the alarm that went off whenever it felt like it. Found out that 99% of the time this is caused by the sensor in the trunk sticking. I removed the trunk liner (about 8 plastic snaps) and disconnected the sensor by unplugging it. That cured it, and it hasn't happened since.

Had to have the fuel pump replaced, this was caused by a dirty gas filter. ($850.00). My fault.

Service engine light comes on every few months. Disconnecting the battery and letting it sit for half an hour cures it, but I am wondering if a sensor is getting weak?? Does anybody have some advice?

I live in an area that has nasty winters and this car starts good, has great traction and braking and a great heater. (-40 degrees Celsius some days)

9th Nov 2011, 11:49

Regarding the alarm going off randomly. I took my Lincoln to the dealer, and they couldn't find the problem. Still charged me. I finally found the solution on the Internet. 90% of the time this happens because the sensor in the trunk is sticking. Open the trunk, pop the pins holding the trunk lid cover in place. There is a wire leading to the sensor; I just disconnected this and the problem went away. I no longer have a trunk alarm, but I don't care. Everything else is the same. You could replace the sensor, but this was cheaper.