2005 Lincoln LS V6 from North America


The best US-made sport coupe or sport sedan I've ever owned


COPS have had to be replaced twice - seems to be fairly typical based on other owner comments. The 5R55 transmission has had problems, primarily with the solenoid pack for the lower gears. Even after a complete rebuild it has never worked quite right. Other than those 2 problems, the LS has been a joy to own and drive. Annual maintenance cost me considerably less in adjusted dollars compared to my 2 Pontiac Firebirds (1968 and 1977 models).

Since the COPS (coil on plug) and the 5R55 tranny were basic design flaws, there's really nothing that could be done about them other than regular checks and repairs as required. In 10 years and 84,000 of driving, I've had no other problems with this BMW killer. As with any vehicle, you have to have routine maintenance completed on the manufacturer's schedule.

One other factor is the capability of the mechanics assigned to work on your car. I found 2 dealers (both Lincoln only) who really knew the car and always returned it to me in tip top condition. 2 other dealers (Ford only) worked on the car and just didn't seem to really know what they were doing.

General Comments:

I've belonged to the Lincoln LS Sports Owners Club (LLSOC) since before buying my 2005 LS. Of course, all the members are enthusiasts who love their LSes and are really into driving performance vehicles. We routinely discuss problems we've encountered and offer each other suggestions on how to address those problems. Being actively involved with LLSOC and participating in their forums has helped me maintain my LS and keep it running at peak efficiency.

I believe this Lincoln model has an undeserved reputation for poor reliability. There were problems with the 2000-2003 models - no question. But Ford kept working on the LS till they got it right. The 2004-2006 models were very much the BMW killer that Ford intended the LS to be. I wish they were making a comparable model today. I'd buy it when my current LS finally gives up the ghost. So far, I see no indication that will happen before 200,000 miles!

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Review Date: 8th September, 2015

17th Jun 2017, 03:34

For context, what other US-made sport coupes and/or sedans have you owned?

2005 Lincoln LS from North America


Being a union man, I now know why people are buying foreign!!!


The car makes a terrible rattling noise when started, after sitting for a few hours.

Coils have gone bad.

AC blows hot air on the driver's side.

If I hit another window button while the front windows are rolling up, it'll stop.

General Comments:

It's a great looking car.

Handles great. Rides smooth.

Semi comfortable.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2010

11th Jul 2010, 14:56

The Lincoln LS is a beautiful car, but I hear of many problems. A Town Car may be a good option to buy American and still have a reliable car, since it is an older design that has proved itself well over the years.

30th Sep 2010, 19:21

For the original poster, hitting another window button while one it going up is normal for it to stop, they all do that.

It is to make sure nothing catches in the window, in case you panic and want to lower it quickly.

2005 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


This car rocks!!


Fuel filter replaced at 32,000.

Right rear window lifter.

General Comments:

This is the second LS I have owned (the first being an '02) and I absolutely love it!!

It shifts like butter, has more juice than I need, and looks... well... we all know about the looks.

I'm currently shopping for Lambo doors, and I can't wait!!

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Review Date: 10th February, 2010

2005 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


This is the second time that my Lincoln LS V8 2005 has had problems with the lug nuts and the studs. The first time, I had a flat tire and the roadside assistance technician had difficulty removing the lug nuts and actually broke off three of the studs. I was 50 miles from home and even further from the dealership that my car usually gets serviced. Luckily the vehicle was still under warranty, and the dealership paid for the extra miles to get the vehicle to their location.

Today I bought new tires and during the install, the technician was unable to remove one of the wheels. Turns out that two of the studs were spinning when they tried to remove the lug nuts. I brought it back to the dealership and they will have to remove the wheel by getting to the back of the wheel to get those lug nuts off. The car is no longer under warranty and the job will cost ~$390. I am hoping that this does not become a common problem every time I need a tire rotation.

General Comments:

I really love this car...looks, performance, comfort. I am just wary about the future expenses for repairs given the problems that others have documented in these reviews.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2008

21st Aug 2008, 08:35

Sounds like the person who changed your tires before didn't adequately put the rim/wheel on. Probably going to a more reputable mechanic would solve your problem.