1971 Lincoln Mark III 7.5L 460 4V V8 from North America


A lovely but mysterious lady


I bought the car with the knowledge that it need lots of mechanical work. That said, I rebuilt the motor, trans and differential. I also completely rebuilt the front end and rear suspension, as well as a complete brake overhaul and a new wiring harness.

I then had my interior completely restored, and had a 10,000 dollar paint job and new vinyl top to top it all off.

Basically I almost did a complete frame off restoration.

After that, I've had no problems with it. Either I used good parts, or I'm just a good technician (I work for random Korean automaker #1 as a technician).

General Comments:

My car is a black/black top with burgundy leather interior. It is the most sinister of all my other Lincolns (I own 7 other marks from the 70's).

It has the highest horsepower of all my other ones, and its just a blast to drive. Whenever I want to go sneaking around, I drive the black knight!!!

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Review Date: 24th February, 2009

27th Feb 2009, 12:20

Well you can believe what you want. The money was spent to completely strip the vehicle, weld on new quarter panels as well as a trunk floor (vent through system boots leaked), then primed as well as painted in this order: coat of paint, sand, coat of paint, sand, coat of paint, polish, then four coats of clear followed by a factory correct vinyl top and A-pillar accents.

Like I said, believe what you wish, but by your comment you obviously have never restored a vehicle and/or are used to doing them and accepting sub-standard results. My car's black finish and panel alignment are better than could have been dreamed of in 1971. When it comes to the body work, you pay for what you get, and I expect only the best.