1995 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6L from North America


Best car I have owned out of seven


Normal stuff, brake pads, 2 rotors, tires. Just did front wheel bearings, replaced rack & pinon (could have been fixed, only a leak on hydraulic line), replaced air suspension with coils (ride is not as good as it was). This car has been great for maint. and parts are relatively cheap (if you stay away from the dealer).

General Comments:

Love this car, will be sad when it expires. I have put on 90K miles in over 5 years. Always in comfort. Was thinking of a Honda Civic for the gas mileage, rented one and quickly decided no way! It's not worth saving a few dollars to get beat up while you drive it (the ride was similar to an ox cart - this was a brand new car also!).

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Review Date: 26th April, 2005

25th Nov 2005, 14:50

I love my Mark VIII, 1995, LSC model. It now has 92,000+ miles on it. I bought it new. It has had periodic maintenance on it without fail. This includes oil and filters, all fluids, etc. The only thing bein replaced was the air suspension system which was rather costly. I have never been disappointed in it's performance. I am an old grandma and smart alec's are always trying to run me over, and I just call on my Black Beauty and she shows them! I recently had to have the front and back bumpers repainted. The paint just started oxidizing and looked terrible. Now I would like to get the seal around the back window replaced. The dealer referred me to a glass company. Imagine my surprise when I found out I would have to replace the entire back glass!. It seems the seal is made on to the glass, and I can't just get the seal. This is also a costly job, but I want her to continue to look pretty so I guess that will be my Christmas present to myself. I would like to know if this is what other owners have learned about the back glass seal?

28th Nov 2005, 16:22

I also have a 95 Mark VIII.

It is a great car. Mine is modified to run 12 second 1/4 miles.

In regards to your back window seal, you should be able to just tuck in the weather stripping into the channel with a flathead screwdriver (don't scratch any paint). According to people on one of the Mark VIII websites, it will not leak. Hope that helps and saves you a good deal of money.

There is a wealth of info on this and other Lincoln sites.


Tell them "squirell" sent you.

Merry Christmas.

1995 Lincoln Mark VIII Base 4.6 32 valve V8 from North America


Old Man's Mustang


My radiator fan went.

It needed a new thermostat and coolant flush.

The driver's side wheel bearing went.

The age of the wires cause them to fall apart durring a tune up which ended up taking 4 and a half hours.

General Comments:

I love all of the electronics that are in this car. I has a computer center that tells you everything about the car.

The seats are fully powered with lumbar support. I love the air ride suspension. But if it goes I think I will have to say good bye to the car too.

I love the responsiveness this car has. It will do a brake stand no problem. I have beaten many fast cars on the highway and around town.

It gets pretty good mileage for the size of the car and the engine. And there is a pretty good after market for the car.

I love my Mark a lot, but I have to admit it has had it's share of problems in the short time I've owned it compared to my Celica. But I am glad I bought it.

I get stares from people all the time. And many of my friends are jealous of my car. Especially since I work for a dealership and I got it for $3,700.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2003

1995 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 4.6 DOHC from North America


A serious performance car for the enthusiast who doesn't mind adding a few enhancements


Nothing major, just normal maintance items.

General Comments:

A throw back to the late sixties/early 70's when you could get a "personal" car with comfort and performance.

A serious sleeper at the track.

Great economy if driven right.

Super road car for long trips.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2002

28th Dec 2004, 18:00

Yes it is a truly awesome car sit back relax give it the gas.

8th Apr 2005, 20:14

Can't wait to race another 5.0 mustang.