15th Aug 2010, 07:30

The guy who wrote the first review, please contact me as I would love to get together or talk about the Mark VII, ready to buy one and would certainly appreciate your input - I am in Lancaster, pa - my email is joe@@@@fcgerlach.com - of course use only one @ symbol.

Please and thank you in advance. Date is 8-15-2010.

Joe Cat.

24th Aug 2010, 11:29

The first commenter has made so many untrue comments it's not even funny.

The Mark's suspension does not "adjust" in any way during turns or other maneuvers. It simply goes up or down about 5/8" depending on vehicle speed.

There is no way a 1998 Mark VIII could ever make 220 MPH. The Bonneville car went 181.171 mph, and it had many mods done to it. Ignition coils won't add 5 HP, let alone 30 HP.

Your factory brakes were almost certainly replaced once before with the same FACTORY BRAKES. No brakes last to 80k, especially on a Mark VIII!

My Mark is almost 14 years old, and almost all the rubber in the suspension is in good shape - though I've only got 61k on my car.

You don't need any bracing for this car to take high speed turns. I've drifted my Mark at 50 mph without any problems. I've also done a lot of suspension work, and I had KVR custom make oversize rotors and dual piston calipers.

The Mark suffers due to its weight, undersized brakes, factory understeer, soft suspension, crappy torque converter, restrictive exhaust and poor gearing. Fix these problems, put on 18" rims with wider, low-profile tires, put in a one-piece driveshaft, underdrive pulleys, a true 2.5" dual exhaust, a K&N filter, do the J-Mod to the Transmission, a 160 degree thermostat, and change the computer tune, and you'll have a halfway decent street machine that will run mid to low 14's on a good day. The first gen Marks are slightly faster.

31st Dec 2010, 09:48

I bought my Mark VIII LSC new on May 15 1998. It has 68000 miles, no rust, no damage. Replaced the passenger front seat with black plastic, not leather, looks fine. A great car.

Gerald Schwartz, Aventura, FL.