5th May 2006, 17:26

To the original reviewer--spray some spray graphite into the door lock machinery and door senors. That often fixes the false "door ajar" reports--it did on mine.

And, true, some of the air suspension parts do have a limited lifetime. It's something to watch out for when buying a used one, as it's definitely not cheap. But in my opinion (I own a '96 Mark VIII), the positives of the car are more than worth dealing with the occasional repair.

23rd Oct 2006, 15:12

It seems to me that almost any older car that has an air suspension system has some sort of problem with them. I have experience with failed rear air shocks on a 1989 Towncar, a 1995 Towncar, a 1998 Buick Park Ave, and a 1995 Buick Riviera. But once you replace them, you know that the money is well spent. :)

(P.S.- take it from me that its going to me kind of hard to go from a sports car to a luxury car, back to a sports car. The ride in a luxury car is so smooth that it makes going back to a stiffer suspension (and smaller cabin) rather difficult.)

2nd Aug 2009, 16:34

Right I have a silver 97' Mark VIII, and my ex girl has a 2002 Buick LeSabre; when I bought the car she instantly stopped driving hers, she was mad when I wanted to drive my car. She loved the car until she was driving and someone hit her.

Now I'm a pedestrian again and she's still riding, it's almost finished, I could have bought another car but couldn't find a mark VIII, so I kept it. Sometimes I just open the garage just to look at it.

11th Mar 2011, 16:49

I have not owned a Mark VIII, but I owned 2 Mark VII's with the same air ride system. They make aftermarket air springs that cost about 89.00 each, and come with step by step instructions on how to change them. I am in no way especially handy with cars, and I had the 2 front bags replaced on my 88 LSC in an hour. And they worked perfectly, and lasted the entire time I owned the car (50k after I replaced the bags). Had I not wrecked the car, I would have gladly kept her forever.

And trust me, if you think these cars are expensive to maintain, then you'd better not even dream of owning a foreign car. I replaced my Mark VII with a 2000 Infiniti I30, and it is by far the biggest piece of garbage, aside from its looks, that I have ever owned.

I am currently scouring craigslist, hoping to score a good deal on a Continental or a Mark VIII. I will never stray from Lincoln ever again, because no car delivers better value and performance for the money, PERIOD.