2002 Lincoln Navigator 5.4 intech from North America


A body builder in a tuxedo!


First off, the only one problem I've had with this truck is the engine coils, which I've replaced; they just kind of go without notice, but they're a quick fix at any repair shop, or any Ford, Lincoln or Mercury dealership.

General Comments:

The 5.4 liter 32 valve V8 in my opinion is one of the most bullet proof engines that Ford has ever created! This truck has been an absolute ox since the first day I bought it! It rides smooth, has the towing capacity to pull a house down, and it still looks amazing.

Ford did one heck of a job when they designed the 2002 Navigator; it was the last year for the 1st generation body style, so in my opinion they worked all those 90's problems out of the Navigator. In fact Ford still uses the same 5.4 V8 in the brand new 2008's, this engine hasn't failed Ford yet or they would have changed it a long time ago!

Other than the coils and maintenance, my truck has been absolutely problem free! And I love my truck! I just did new tires and a wheel alignment, I changed the oil and flushed the coolant last week and it runs flawless.

This truck has been on multiple road trips and gets driven daily. I live in New York, so during the winter months we can get anywhere from 3 to 6 ft of snow. I've owned my truck for 4 years and there isn't a snow bank or anything that can stop my truck! There have been times where I've purposely tried to get stuck to test the trucks capability, the air suspension works fine and all electronics work to perfection.

I can notice the usual vehicle wear, but it doesn't seem to stop her from turning over without hesitation every time I flip the key!

I can keep going on and on, but it's my baby and I love it, and wouldn't hesitate to buy another Navigator!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2009