1992 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 4.6 SOHC from North America


The ultimate highway cruiser


Rear air shocks.

Power mirror button.

Front shocks.

All 4 power window motors.

Climate control works partly.

Air bag light flashes on & off.

Gas gauge goes on & off.

Outside temp gauge sensor bad.

New rear differential.

Sub-woofer in rear blown.

Leaks oil thru gasket.

Power trunk pulldown busted.

Tranny shifts erratically.

Car smokes when idling sometimes.

General Comments:

I have owned Lincoln's most of my driving life. I am the third owner of this car & I have been very happy with it. Much smoother ride than any car I have ever driven, including my current 2003 745i BMW. The car has never left me stranded, and even the AC still works as well as the power sunroof.

The 4.6 engine really give the car quick pull off the line, but once you hit 40 things move pretty slow. I think I might have a tranny problem as it feels like I am dragging in gear for some reason?

The car has held up pretty well & I am considering upgrading to a 1995-1997 Town Car, because I like the updated interior.

My car has the aluminum manifold, and the newer ones have the crack prone plastic units.

In spite of the oil leak, I have no problems driving this car from DE to NY and back each month. if you can find a low mile maintained Town Car, grab it!!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2009

1992 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 4.6 Liter from North America


Best full sized car I know about


Air shocks went out at 110,000 miles. I replaced them myself for $100 each. It was actually easy to do, even though repair manual said "consult dealer."

A/C is starting to fail in very hot & humid weather but otherwise works fine.

The air bag light is blinking since shortly after the rear air shocks went out. Apparently a "hard code" was triggered even though the car was not in an accident.

Speed sensor on transmission went out at 120,000 miles. Cost $50 at Transmission shop.

Rear door lock and electric window have failed.

General Comments:

The most comfortable ride ever! (especially when the air shocks are working)

Gas mileage is great for a full-sized luxury car. I get an average of 20 mpg.

I had an "88 Town car before this and was also pleased.

I would like to know how to fix that air bag light!!!

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Review Date: 24th July, 2008

1992 Lincoln Town Car Cartier V8 4.6L from North America


Big but reliable!


Changed valves at 156,000Km because of blue smoke at idle.

Brand new fuel line and brakes line at 160,000Km because it leaked, car has never been treated for rust proof and here in Quebec there is a lot of salt on the road.

Nothing else as gone wrong with the car!

General Comments:

This car is extremely comfortable! Could fall asleep in it! When you are in it you hear nothing from the outside, quiet interior.

This car always started and never let me on the side of the road. Wish I had it today and see how far the odometer can go before the car die! I would not be surprised that it can reach 300,000Km without pain!

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Review Date: 19th June, 2008

1992 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 4.6 Liter V8 from North America


Affordable American Luxury at its Best


The front shocks needed to be replaced.

The air springs went at 95000 miles.

The front brake rotors and brake pads needed replacing.

The rear brake pads needed replacing.

Some minor paint issues, mainly on the rear bumper.

Replaced spark plugs.

"Floor" setting does not work in the climate control system.

General Comments:

The Lincoln Town Car is a beautiful luxury car that can be bought used for less than a Honda or Toyota, making it a very desirable car at a great bargain.

Most of the problems it accumulates can be fixed by the average car owner and costs for parts are relatively low unless you purchase them from a dealer.

The car is the smoothest, quietest and most comfortable car I have ever rode in.

The seats are blue velvet and very soft. They complement the marshmallow-like ride very well.

The car is excellent for long trips due to its extremely high level of comfort and effortless acceleration.

Handling is relatively good for a car this big and comfortable.

The Lincoln is very roomy in both the front and back and has one of the biggest trunks on any production car in the world.

The Town Car utilizes 4-wheel disk brakes with anti-lock brakes, bringing it securely to a halt despite its enormous mass of over two tons.

This is also one of the best looking cars I have ever seen, with an elegant shape and classy chrome in all the right places.

My only complaint is that the radio isn't what I'd expect from a luxury car, though a 9 speaker premium sound system is available along with a ten-disk compact disk player.

The car seats six, but due to the transmission tunnel (Town Cars are rear wheel drive cars), four occupants are most comfortable.

The Lincoln is one of the last cars to use body on frame construction, giving it a distinctive American Luxury feel that has won over its many customers.

Anyone interested in unrolling the rather small amount of money for this superb piece of American engineering will not be disappointed.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2005

11th May 2011, 18:54

I have just purchased a 1992 Lincoln Town Car; I am wondering how this automobile will react in the winter to ice and snow. Up until now, I have purchased front wheel drive cars; we live in an older farm house in the country; we have a long drive, which presents a challenge in the winter time.

Roger Plafkin

Plafkin Farms (View on Photobucket.com and Webshots.com)


16th May 2011, 21:01

Just make sure you buy good winter tires, studded would be a bonus. A couple of sandbags in the trunk would help for added weight. If your driveway is steep, good luck!