2003 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6L gas from North America


Horrible waste of space and money


Transmission went out, Axel bearing went out, no interior lighting for dimmer control (engineered that way), radio/CD went out, parking assist for backing went out, front brake rotors need turning every 60,000 miles, poor a/c when ambient above 75 degrees, electrical shorts out if washing under the hood, seat heaters intermittent, driver's window switch assembly went out, front grill and hood emblem corroding, door handle shrouds plastic and wearing, transmission "hunts", tires very expensive because they are 17 inch.

General Comments:

There are many foreign cars available if a person wants good mileage, maintenance free and dependable.

If I were going to get a luxury car, I would get a Lexus.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2008

27th Jun 2010, 17:01

Probably a lot of it was your fault. This car was not designed to be "washed" under the hood. Dude seriously...

12th Sep 2010, 03:45

You washed under the hood? There's your problem right there. I don't care what anyone says, anytime you wash under the hood you are asking for electrical problems and corrosion. That's probably why your car went to hell in a handbasket. Just read the other opinions on this car, as these cars are usually bulletproof.

2003 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6L SOHC from North America


The Town Car is a near perfect luxury sedan


I haven't had any problems with this car. It's never been in the shop as I perform all of the regular maintenance on the vehicle.

General Comments:

The Lincoln Town Car is a beautiful vehicle that stays true to the gold standard of the American luxury car. It's roomy, quiet, and quick, returning respectable fuel economy. I really think that Ford should make this car more powerful and increase engine output to at least 300 h.p. The lower power is about the only drawback.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2007

2003 Lincoln Town Car Limited V8 from North America


Best luxury car for the price!


Air bag light went one. Dealer cleared the history code, with no work required.

General Comments:

This car is one AWESOME ride. It is without a doubt the most comfortable car I have ever been in, or driven. The drive train is smooth with plenty of power on tap for highway driving.

It is fairly nimble for such a large cruiser, and makes you feel very safe regardless of road conditions.

The fit and finish of the interior could be better, however, this car rules when it comes to comfort. Not to mention, a car ride so quiet, you actually forget you are stuck in major traffic.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2007

2003 Lincoln Town Car Cartier V8 from North America


Quality Craftsmanship and Precision with comfort


Passenger side headlight is getting water in it. May be caused from damage as I hit, on that side, and killed, a large dog in the car, but I didn’t see any damage. My warranty is up and I don’t want to file an insurance claim. I don’t know if this is the cars fault or from the damage. The light still works fine.

One of the lug nuts on the tire got stripped out while getting a tire rotation. The shop/retail outlet, which shall remain nameless, is the world’s largest retailer, but they said that they didn’t cause the damage and that the nut was weak from the factory. The car had almost 60,000- miles at the time and those tires had been taken of many other times before by the dealer with out stripping. The cost to me was almost $300 and no apologies. Lesson learned, stick to your dealer.

General Comments:

This is a red 2003 Cartier. This car is heavy and soft. The car takes off great and keeps up with traffic very well.

The car has tons of room in it and the trunk is huge. The hood is long and it feels good driving around with all that safety room in front of you. I use the hood ornament as a guide while driving. You will be surprised how you will like the hood ornament.

The car has almost 90,000 miles on it and the paint and interior still looks brand new.

The things that I don’t like about the car are that it is hard to get into small parking spots, it is hard to see while backing up, and the rear bar/panel that holds the roof up is so big that it blocks my view when I am looking to my back right. This is not the cars fault, but I drive my son’s car and it is so much easier to see about. He has a 1999 Ford Taurus with 140,000 trouble free miles. I bought this car for him and he is taking good care of it.

I am getting an average of 22.5 mpg and about half is city and half highway.

I don’t like how the car’s driver’s seat moves when I open the door to get out of the car. I think that they call it “Easy Exit Mode”, or something like that. The seat moves way back and when you get back in the car and start it up the seat moves back up to where it was. The dealer deprogrammed it once, but I got a new battery and now it does the same thing again.

The bottom line is that this Town Car is excellent and I have owned and driven many different cars in the past forty five years. I’d say that this 2003 Cartier is my favorite of all.

I will be trading this one off for a new one in 2009 when my money should build back up to pay one off, or if interest rates go up faster, then I will get a new one sooner. I paid $37,000 for this Cartier and the car is worth every cent of it.

If they stop making the Town Car by then, I will probably get a Mercury Monterey mini-van, fully loaded, or a Mercury Mountaineer fully loaded. I have to stick to Ford products to keep the driver’s door keypad entry. I will never have a car with out this again, ever.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2006

7th Jun 2008, 16:13

This LTC, if you change oil every 4000 miles or so and change the transmission fluid every 35,000, should go easily to 250k and still look and act new. Remember, they all look alike and it's impossible to tell the age. These cars are like fine wine, they actually improve with age. You may not get the mileage you'd get on a little car, but the LTC will still be the least expensive car to run when you take it to the junk yard and figure your expense per mile. Having the car garaged is also pretty important. Enjoy.

8th Jun 2008, 17:01

I agree that the Town Car is a great car. Personally I prefer the Buick Park Avenue though. They are more fuel efficient, better looking, and just as comfortable and luxurious. I wish GM didn't quit making them.

When the Town Car is restyled or discontinued all together in a few years, traditional American luxury cars will be almost completely extinct. It is sad that we live in a day and age when affluent Americans would rather drive a bland Lexus, Acura or Infinity than a Cadillac, Buick, or Lincoln. The times they are a changin', and not for the better.

18th Jan 2009, 15:16

I am driving my 9th Lincoln, 6 of which were Town Cars, This one is a 2003 with 237K miles on it and my 97 has 259K miles onit and both are running excellent. The only trouble that I have had was with the 97. In 2007 after to driving to Vegas, LA and Oakland, Ca. and back (only used 1 quart of oil) I discovered that the intake manifold had a small crack in it at the thermostat and I had to replace the intake. I have no other complaints. These are great driving cars, great riding cars and I will be buying an 06 or 07 Town Car this year. I pray that Ford doesn't make the mistake of discontinuing this fine automobile.