2004 Lincoln Town Car Signature 4.6 Liter V8 from North America


Real American Luxury


A/C compressor went out around 75,000 miles.

General Comments:

When it came time for me to replace the old Pontiac, two vehicles came to mind; Lincoln's Town Car and Cadillac's Deville (DTS). After driving both vehicles, I chose the Town Car and have had no regrets at all with my purchase.

Don't get me wrong, the Cadillac is a technical wonder, and I know how it drives (fathers side of the family owns Cadillacs), but I just love the Town Car due to its simpler, pleasing design inside and outside, its ride, and its biggest advantage, rear drive.

Performance for such a large, heavy vehicle is pretty good. I'm not the type that likes to hot-rod, but I was surprise to find out that my car can break the rear end loose at a stop light. It's adequate off the line, but once it gets its weight moving, it'll scoot pretty decently. Again, it's nice to know it can move out of its own way.

Handling is something I was aware of when I purchased my Town Car. I know if an off-ramp says 35mph, I go 35mph on said off-ramp. It doesn't feel like it's leaning much, but it'll under steer if I rush it around a corner. But this is America, the nation where all roads and interstates are straight as can be, and being and American, I purchased a car that cruise along all those straight roads and interstates.

Once you get used to the size of the car, driving is a lot easier then you would think. The Town Car actually has a low belt line, which makes it pretty easy to see out anywhere from the driver seat. Reverse sensors make parking lot driving much easier. Although the hood may be long, it's easy to park since I usually gauge my distance off of the hood ornament itself.

When it comes to comfort, this thing is down right comfortable. Long trips are so relaxing to the point if I had a scented candle lit in my car I'd probably pass out at the wheel. The seats are Lazy Boy wide and soft, and finding a comfortable driving position is easy since the Town Car comes with adjustable brake and accelerator petals. I love the dashboards simple design since it makes everything easy to reach and read. If you're lazy, you can control most things such as the A/C, radio, or cruise control off the steering wheel itself. I don't see what people complain about with the quality of the plastics in the car. In my opinion, it's just as good as my friends Mercedes Benz. The leather seating is softer and better in my opinion as well.

One thing that catches mine and everyone's eye is the looks of my vehicle. I may be younger then the average Town Car owner, but my vehicle is different from any Town Car I've seen. My vehicle has the two-toned silver and dark gray exterior with black interior. I've added limo-tint on my windows, which makes it look very sleek, and added HID headlights on both the low and high-beams. I've stuck with the original looking Michelin tires with the thin white-wall stripe that adds to the look as well. I'm not kidding when I say I get at least two offers each month from someone who's interested in purchasing my vehicle, since no one ever seen another Town Car with a color scheme like mine. The local Lincoln dealer even offers to have me trade it in for a new Town Car every time I get the car serviced.

That said, I'm very happy to own my Town Car. I'm strict when it comes to maintenance, and with a solid reliability record, I'm certain I can get a lot of years out of this vehicle.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2010

2004 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series 4.6 from North America


This is by far, the best car that I have ever owned!



General Comments:

I own a 2004 Town Car. This is the most luxurious and smoothest riding car that I have owned.

I bought it used ($19,000). It really doesn't bother me that the Town Car does not retain its resale value (cheaper for me to own one). That's good for me! I don't intend on selling this car, ever.

I have always wanted a Town Car while growing up. Now I have one and I have to say.. This is the sexiest car I have ever owned. I added "Wood dash trim", factory fog lights and all of the chrome that I could find. It is not pimped, but just looks sexy. On the other hand, being an Italian from NY and with a big trunk on this car, nobody ever messes with me.

You can check out the pics here.


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Review Date: 15th April, 2008

5th Aug 2008, 19:37

You'll have this car a very long time, nothing ever goes wrong with them, that's why all the limo services use them. Talk to one of the limo mechanics, they'll tell you they keep them to 300,000 miles and other than oil changes don't do anything -- not even transmission fluid changes. The highway miles don't wear them much.

1st Feb 2009, 18:17

The only problem you'll ever have is with chrome wheels if you have that option. If you drive in snow, or if you put in air from a compressor without a moisture trap, they will develop pinhole leaks in the rims after five or six years..

25th Nov 2010, 20:42

I bought my 2004 Town Car brand new, and that was over 6 years ago. I haven't had one problem with this car. I love my Town car. The ride is smooth and quiet, and the comfort is second to none. It is by far the best car I have ever owned.

The only thing I do is change the oil every three thousand miles, and get it inspected every year. Never has anything been replaced.

It is great on long rides, and easy on my bad back. I would buy another Lincoln in a heart beat. Do yourself a favor, buy a Town Car.

2004 Lincoln Town Car from North America


In general a good car, but could be better


Parking brake broke at 29500 miles. Poor design uses old brake drum technology.

Engine has good power, but is a little too noisy. Dealer claims its normal.

AM radio has poor sound for a luxury car.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable and has a smooth ride.

Enjoyable on a long trip.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2005

2nd Oct 2006, 22:51

Brake drums? The Town Cars have had 4 wheel discs since 1991 are you sure you've ever driven/owed one? sheesh!

2nd Feb 2007, 12:59

Actually the first writer is correct that the parking brake uses a drum and old type shoes for the parking brake function. The drum is part of the rotor and inside the diameter of the rotor that functions with the disc pads for the primary braking function. The drum/rotor combination is on the rear rotors only.

4th Oct 2008, 15:38

AM radio has lousy sound on any system because it isn't stereo and the signals tend to be distorted.

Slap a Japanese name, hard as a rock suspension, and a floor shifter on this car and nobody would complain. Sad.

3rd Dec 2008, 19:04

Yes I agree with the last comment. American cars are just downgraded too much for small things, look up VW or Toyota, and man aren't there quality issues deteriorating rapidly in the last few years. Anyhow, there's no styling out there as nice in my opinion as the large Ford, Lincoln or Mercury at present.