9th Jul 2003, 14:26

I had the air conditioner worked on recently on my 1981 Delta (the coolant pipes were clogged blocking the circulating of freon), after the repair the air was only blowing out from the "floor vents" while the car was in "park", while in "drive" it did blow out the other vents. While having the car serviced my mechanic found the vacuum pump defective (bad), which was the reason why the air would only blow out the floor vent. He then replaced it with a good used one. As it turned out it was not the norm for 'that year' car as my AC man said. All is well now :)

23rd Jul 2005, 11:05

I had a 1988 Town Car that I really liked. It had a problem where the A/C would work in every setting except "floor." Turns out the problem was the cold engine lockout switch, located in the heater hose under the hood. It is supposed to turn the fan off in heater mode until the engine is warm enough to heat the car. If the switch goes bad, however, it will never turn on. You can buy a replacement at AutoZone for about $20 and it is pretty easy to install.

16th Apr 2007, 16:40

I'm on my second 88 Mark VII LSC. 245K and going strong. I'd like to recommend the websites "lincolnsonline.com" and "fordvschevy.com". These guys have been very helpful to me in maintenance and repair as well as upgrades for performance and mpg. Fordvschevy includes General Motors.

If you drive other brands Google your make including the word forum and you'll probably find knowledgeable enthusiasts to help you out. Many of them are just plain fun to read especially if you're a car nut.

Happy motoring to all, John.

25th May 2008, 01:30

I have purchased a 1989 Lincoln Town Car with all the bells and whistles! I love this car and would not trade it for anything, at least for the price I paid. I have one problem. The dashboard has begun to chime. I have combed the owners manual and tried all the usual fixes. I cannot find anything anywhere that explains why it would chime ALL the time. Everything says it will chime for 4 seconds, or 4 chimes. Can anyone help? It is driving me into the loony bin.

Thank You.