1996 Lotus Elise Standard 1.8K petrol from UK and Ireland


Not worth the hassle...


Right then.... In no particular order......

1) Exhaust corroded after 1 month, had to be replaced.

2) Clutch slave cylinder seized - due to a sticking push rod. New slave cylinder and flywheel.

3) Steering rack and wheel bearing play. Caused the vehicle to change lanes by itself at about 70mph.......... Both had to be replaced.

4) Windscreen. Cracked when I hit a pothole due to lack of compliance in the body (I know it's a sports car but..........)

5) Engine ECU. Car wouldn't start. New ECU.

6) Engine thermostat. False readings on the temperature gauge.... Replaced.

7) Immobiliser. Left me stranded as the override wouldn't work.

8) Door seals coming adrift from the door of their own accord...

9) Various electrical faults.

10) Both headlights rusted.

General Comments:

Fantastic car to drive and a real pleasure to own for the 50% of the time it's in my hands. I would never buy another Lotus car after the experience I have had with this car.

If you have got the money to burn when owning a car, and a second car to rely on when your pride and joy breaks down, then this is the perfect car for you.

Extended warranty is a must!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 6th July, 2000

20th Jan 2002, 14:32

Interesting perspective, I've driven my Elise (2000 W) 25000 miles in the last 15 months, thrashed the living daylights out of it, it's never let me down, it's downright reliable and has had virtually no problems... except for...

1x Track rod end

1x Throttle body

3x Front brake pads

2x Rear brake pads

3x Sets tyres

The track rod end and throttle body are the only issues which are not wear and tear...


Fergus Duncan.