2006 Maple C31 1.3L petrol from Bosnia and Herzegovina


It could have been a much more serious car


Electronic locks failed not long after acquisition.

Indicator lights are not always on (speed, and rev count).

Gear box is almost totally ruined.

I had to change some parts of the clutch after only 30.000 km.

Electronic windows failed for driver's and co-driver's seats.

Consumes way too much fuel for such a small engine.

General power info from the manufacturer is not accurate, since there is a blockade at 4.000 RPM.

General Comments:

The car is a standard car, used for driving by beginners or non enthusiasts in small cities. I would recommend it to an elderly person who has no interest in long trips or a more challenging driving style.

It is very slow, and is probably the worst accelerating petrol car I have ever seen.

Its A/C reduces the already low engine power significantly, and it is not recommended for use.

On the bright side, the engine itself, although weak, seems very reliable. I had no problem starting it at -22C after being in the open snow for 4 days. It has never left me on the road or failed to start under any conditions.

If they put in a more reliable gearbox, it would be a good small car for short and mid range trips.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2011

3rd May 2023, 00:15

Dull but interesting car. Hard to find information about it.

2006 Maple C31 L 1.3 petrol from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Ideal for your first car, and you'll have no reason to cry if you bump it while practicing parking


Most of problems I had were clutch related - just doesn't stay right, and clutch is always too close to the top; it makes starting uphill rather difficult.

It also seems to have some sort of blockade (?!) at about 3500 rpm, very difficult to accelerate on the open road at speeds above 60 km/h : (

General Comments:

Nice for total beginners, because it won't get you in trouble for speeding. You won't even be tempted. And even if you get tempted, there is nothing you can do.

Otherwise, I must admit it never left me on the road, and fuel consumption is quite low (my last mileage was some 340km on 19 liters).

Also, with careful driving and new tires, handles quite alright even in harshest Bosnian winter conditions.

Parts are almost ridiculously cheap.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2009

1st Oct 2011, 07:27

Is it possible to find a spare parts for this brand of car in Bosnia & Herzegovina?

2006 Maple C31 1.3 petrol from Bosnia and Herzegovina


It's getting there... slowly


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Car was delivered with almost no fuel.

Locking mechanism was broken.

Radio didn't work.

The car has no rear wiper!

Front door speakers covered by dashboard when the door is closed.

Very cheap plastic.

Extremely hard to shift gears. Dealer said it's normal and it would get better in time.

All clear plastic indicators are kinda yellowish as if they're years old.

Seat belt clip doesn't work! Unbuckles randomly.

Car comes in three colors: red, white and grey.

Front and back doors noticeably differ in color.

Engine is a copy of old Toyota 1.3 engine. It has almost 90 hp on paper, but it feels more like 50 on the road.

Comes with A/C, central locking, powered window lifters.

Price: less than 4500 €.

There's a general consensus that it will start breaking down soon and die soon after that.

I'll keep you informed.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2008